The Great Party

The Great Party

 Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA

The Great Party uses male female vocals, synths and guitars to create a very unique fresh sound that's been branded Ameri-pop/Style-rock. They 'wildly toss around a bevy of sounds both vintage and modern that somehow end up clicking rather than clashing' Review


Established 2011 in Scranton, Pa, The Great Party quickly earned a reputation of catchy fun music coupled with high energy performances. Fronted by the husband and wife team of Rosaleen and Michael Eastman, they use guitars and synths played by Michael Nordberg to blend sounds into something familiar yet fresh and unique. The solid, danceable beats are provided by the rhythm section of Matt Mang on bass and Matt Thomas on Drums. Their sound and look has generated their own genre of Ameri-Pop/Style-Rock.

The Great Party's debut self-titled EP was released in May 2012 to much critical acclaim and was given 2 'Best CD' awards by The Electric City Magazine and who also named The Great Party 'Best Original Band' for 2012 & 2013. The Steamtown Music Awards have nominated them for 'Top 40 Act Of The Year', 'Band Of The Year' and a gave 'Best Female Vocalist' selection for Rose.

Their music video for 'Teresa' was directed by Zac Stuart-Pontier ( who worked on videos for Edward Sharpe, The Shins, Reebok. The video was a finalist in the Silver Sound Music Video Festival held at Brooklyn Bowl in Brooklyn, NY. Their 2nd video, 'Hecho en Mexico', again directed by Pontier, also made it to the same festival the following year plus the band competed in the festival's band battle. 

Besides nearly selling out many of their local venues, they've been a featured artist in the Steamtown Music Showcase, have become a regular act at Philly's staple rock bar, The Legendary Dobbs, on South St and won the Scranton Cultural Center's 'Listen Local' contest. In 2013, they plan on releasing a full-length album while continuing to expand their performance resume.

Michael Eastman - Guitar/Vocals
Rosaleen Eastman - Keys/Vocals
Matt Thomas - Drums
Matthew Mang - Bass
Michael Nordberg - Keys/Guitar


Hecho En Mexico

Written By: The Great Party

Gather 'round the stones with flowers in your bones,
(show us your bones, uh!)
You skinny little thing you
(skinny little thing, you who!)
You've got you best dress on so rise up from the lawn and dance with me

Dead end of the street where everyone you meet
Is a skinny little thing too
(a skinny little thing too oo!)
Rise up from the ground and follow me down to the graveyard baby, and don't forget your candy...

Sugar skulls are gifts that can be given to the livin and the dead. Time to taste the sugars in your head. Mescal, tissue, marigolds, pan de muertos, offrendas for my friends. Who said being dead was just the end?

Ahhhh hecho en Mexico (ahhhh made in Mexico)
Dia de Los muertos es loco (day of the dead is crazy)
En Mexico (in Mexico)
Ahhhhh en Mexico (ahhhh, Mexico)

I see a lively glow beneath your sombrero, paint your face
Catrina, you're lovely, have you lost weight dear?
Everyone you've ever known is bound to end up here
I'd invite you home but the skeletons, they like it in the closet and they want to be alone.

Candles lit for everybody, every body, not just one but two. We'll remember me, might forget you. Candles lit to stay the night. A pillow atop a gravesite by firelight, we're side by side. If that's alright then that's alright.


The Great Party EP - released May '12

Untitled full length coming 2014

Set List

  • Solid Gold
  • Teresa
  • Cupcakes
  • Hecho En Mexico
  • Robots In Love
  • On The Job
  • Marionettes
  • My Little One
  • Blue Light
  • Volt
  • Don't Be Silly
  • Family
  • Grey Lady
  • Esther Man
  • Chained On Forever
  • Unbelievable
  • Flowers Beneath The Bed