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The Great Unwashed

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"On "Not worrying about being Cool""

"Judging from their name, neither do The Great Unwashed, unless you know that they’re referencing the potentially revolutionary working class masses. Revolutionary is cool, right?

Rehearsing in Staten Island and tracking their tunes in New Jersey, The Great Unwashed describe themselves as some sort of orgy involving At the Drive-In, Fugazi, Nirvana, Husker Du, Bloc Party, Television and some dirty jazz musicians.

Kind of gross when you think about it, but it sounds pretty damn good, so the young bed-heads in The Great Unwashed are allowed to name drop. Their technical, energetic rock plays with time signatures like it’s no big whoop, giving nods to math rock without getting too geek-ish." - Ben Johnson

"The Great Unwashed LP review"

"This unsigned S.I. quartet ( is barely able to contain its musical energy on its first record, constantly boiling over with explosive riffs and bombastic drum fills. For musicians, it’s the kind of punk-inspired math rock that is constantly shape-shifting and interesting. For the average listener, it ranges from satisfyingly muscular to confusing, since tightness and complexity only go so far. Beyond the dizzying licks of Sean Kuhl and Chris Colton, the powerful and precise drumming of Scott Jacobi and the well-constructed bass lines of Anthony Scuderi, the best parts of this record arise when these four capable musicians play as a band -- as a unit -- allowing the tendency to keep themselves interested to be eclipsed by real hooks, and having the courage to stay and explore the band’s simpler moments. The swinging chorus at the end of "Villa Victoria," where a powerful jam is repeated under actual singing and even harmony, or the beginning of "Untitled 1," are those kinds of moments, and the band’s songs would benefit from more of them. Nonetheless, it’s a powerful debut from a local band, and once they hone their sound, The Great Unwashed will be a force to be reckoned with."

- Ben Johnson/ Staten Island Advance


The Great Unwashed; Self-titled LP



The Great Unwashed is a New York City based Rock trio who have been captivating the Staten Island music scene. In addition to their constant local shows, “TGU” has been earning new fans with every gig played in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Guitarist and singer Sean Kuhl, drummer Scott Jacobi, and bassist Anthony Scuderi became a three piece late in 2007; after a fourth band member left the group. Honing their new sound as a trio, the members of The Great Unwashed are proud descendants of their heroes: Fugazi, Hüsker Dü, and Dinosaur Jr. Singer Sean Kuhl’s shout/ talk vocals connect casual storytelling with frustrated cynicism amongst the band’s signature melodic refrains. Jacobi and Scuderi hold down tight rhythmic grooves and make light of frequent time signature changes, while Kuhl’s Hendrix-like riotous yet precise guitar solos define this ambitious Rock outfit.