The Great Unwashed

The Great Unwashed


The Great Unwashed is 3 guys who refuse to live in the past but desire to keep old sounds fresh with melodic guitar hooks and shifting time signatures mixed with thrashing chords and a relentless attitude! A truly unique and interesting sound; TGU lives for its victories over packed dive bars!


The Great Unwashed is a New York City based Rock trio who have been captivating the Staten Island music scene. In addition to their constant local shows, “TGU” has been earning new fans with every gig played in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Guitarist and singer Sean Kuhl, drummer Scott Jacobi, and bassist Anthony Scuderi became a three piece late in 2007; after a fourth band member left the group. Honing their new sound as a trio, the members of The Great Unwashed are proud descendants of their heroes: Fugazi, Hüsker Dü, and Dinosaur Jr. Singer Sean Kuhl’s shout/ talk vocals connect casual storytelling with frustrated cynicism amongst the band’s signature melodic refrains. Jacobi and Scuderi hold down tight rhythmic grooves and make light of frequent time signature changes, while Kuhl’s Hendrix-like riotous yet precise guitar solos define this ambitious Rock outfit.


The Great Unwashed; Self-titled LP

Set List

Set list from Tuesday March 25th:
Pac-Man 3mins20secs
Visitor 5mins10secs
Mirage a la Mode 3mins15secs
All Night Breathing 4mins10secs
Winter Classic 4mins20secs
Junkyard Dog 4mins30secs

Covers we do often:
Pink Turns to Blue by Hüsker Dü
I wanna Be Your Dog by The Stooges