The Great Upset

The Great Upset

 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

This Minneapolis based alt-Western group employs a unique combination - 2 lead singers/songwriter/guitarists backed by a strong off-center rhythm section with a classically trained cellist.


After meeting for the first time in the summer of 2003 and then again in the spring of 2004, Bart Phillips and Jeromy Darling started playing and writing music together on a regular basis. What began as friendship developed into musical arrangements rooted in faith and common appreciation of each other’s talent. The band O.D.Y.C. came out of that pairing.

In the summer of 2004, cellist Lucas Shogren, was introduced to Bart and Jeromy through mutual friends. Already touring the world with an award winning group, the Vols Quartet, Lucas brought a trained ear and incredible experience (including a solo with the great Ray Charles) to the band.

Friends and longtime local musicians from diverse musical backgrounds joined to add the backbone to the group: Jason Roath (Dime Theory. Magic Pants, Bourbon Tabernacle Choir, et al) on bass guitar brought a solid foundation stemming from touring with rockabilly and funk bands. Matt Terry (Solidarity, Creeping Charlie, Chump, Wee Little Kelly) on drums brought a hardcore punk/alt rock aesthetic that added a unique flavor to their more traditional folk melodies.

Therefore, with new members and new vision, in the Fall of 2005 ‘The Great Upset’ was created out of the O.D.Y.C. genesis. The songs that O.D.Y.C. had been playing as acoustic numbers, were mow more fully fleshed out and ready for recording. Following some unexpected, private donations, The Great Upset completed their first album, ‘Black Sun Rising’. Offering an honest look at the state of humanity, and their place in it all, The Great Upset lyrically waded through their own personal shortcomings, fears and an overarching commitment to truth. The album deftly expressed a new direction in their music.

On April 5th, 2008, The band released their sophomore effort ‘The Coldest Kiss’…wholly original, yet warmly familiar. Layering delicate vocals atop a nest of anarchic rhythm and strings, the songs coalesce around the musical integrity of its membership. As a narrative, the album is a pronounced overture away from post-80’s ironic bombast, with strong hints of a resurgence of melodic neo-grunge.More than just stories, these songs represent an honest discussion between two men, their God, and their life experience.

Outstanding production by Steele Croswhite (Silvercrush) and Darren Jackson (Kid Dakota/The Hopefuls) unifies these disparate elements into a seamless musical experience. The band will be supporting the album by playing various festivals this summer, and by keeping a regular circuit at local bars/clubs around the Twin Cities and the Midwest. Keep your eyes and ears open!


Black Sun Rising (under their acoustic alter-ego "ODYC")
The Coldest Kiss

Set List

Each set includes 8-10 originals, mostly from The Coldest Kiss and a few throw back covers (Johnny Cash, Neil Young, even The Doves)