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"The Greek Embassy EP"

There is one perfect bit of stunning classic guitar-driven power pop, "Grey Room", but the other 4 songs fall into a more Elliot Smith, Eric Matthews, Rogue Wave and Mark Eitzel school of sublime baroque stylings. "Bite My Tongue" reminds me of Jon Brion`s solo shows at Largo, for those familiar w/ that legendary residency. More Brion-isms, which is a thankful thing of course, come around with "5 Stories 60 Steps" with its purposeful, patient march to masterful coda. The Greek Embassy is John Cutler, who along with Bleu, play all the instruments and this is no simple hint at great things to`s an easily heard beckoning calling card. Extremely Highly Recommended. - Not Lame


The Greek Embassy EP


Feeling a bit camera shy



Scott Frampton for Whistlejacket Management

The Greek Embassy’s John Cutler is both a storyteller and schemer. “Between selling bootleg liquor in Egypt, the bike rickshaws, and selling faux antique cannons on the streets of New York, I’ve always managed to squeak by, but just barely.”

Cutler used that same ingenuity to finish his first EP while on the road with Columbia/Aware artist Bleu (who also produced the disk) recording in motel swimming pools, on creaky old pianos, and backstage near belching boilers. The end result is something floating precariously between Eric Satie, Sebadoh, Sufjan Stevens and Burt Bacharach.

“When we had a moment, we’d corner people backstage with headphones and ask them to sing backups”. Contributors ran the gamut from saints to sinners – including Jon Foreman of Christian Top 40 act Switchfoot and Peter Hess of punk cabaret orchestra World Inferno Friendship Society. “Between Jon and Peter, the album and I are doomed to purgatory,” remarks Cutler a little nervous, “but it wouldn’t be a half bad place to write more songs.”

“Writing more songs” has occupied Cutler’s life since he heard Sebadoh’s album Freed Weed and Paul Simon’s epic song American Tune. First came the four track (cliché but true), an old Fender Rhodes from Salvation Army and a beat up guitar. Hundreds of tunes later – until recently shared only with friends on cassettes and Cds – he’s still hunting for the perfect lyric.

Since completion of the album, Cutler has been playing New York mainstays like the Mercury Lounge, The Delancey and Pianos in preparation for a national tour and a full-length album. And inspiration is popping up in the oddest ways. “I was broke and stranded in San Francisco,” he laments, “but I found a car delivery on Craig’s list – a Trans Am – and I drove it to New York nonstop while filling 40 mini cassettes with a dark sing-song monologue. I’m transcribing it now, and the album is forthcoming. East of the Mississippi things get a little strange.”

“Sometimes this stuff is so sweet it's like rolling around in sugar and then you have to clean the sugar out from under your fingernails and in between your eyelashes.” Jennifer Dzuira

Gig History

11/07/2004 The Delancey
12/08/2004 Pete's Candy Store, Brooklyn, NY
12/21/2004 Mercury Lounge, New York, NY
02/06/2005 Mercury Lounge, New York, NY
03/05/2005 Cafe Vivaldi (solo)
03/16/2005 Rockwood Music Hall, New York, NY
05/02/2005 Mercury Lounge, NYC, New York, NY,
06/14/2005 Pianos, New York, NY
07/18/2005 Pianos, New York, NY
07/25/2005 169 BAR, New York, NY
08/08/2005 Rockwood Music Hall, New York, NY
10/16/2005 Rockwood Music Hall, New York, NY
10/19/2005 The Evening Muse, Charlotte, NC
11/07/2005 Rockwood Music Hall, New York, NY
11/27/2005 Sidewalk Cafe