The Greenbacks

The Greenbacks

 Folsom, California, USA

The moment of excitment and curiosity before you go onstage is the element of my music. The Greenbacks veer from what is put in front of us, in search of what lies ahead. Would you be willing to take part?


Being able to experience a Jimi Hendrix concert was out of the question for me. Being 21, I feel like I'm among the majority who believe they were born in the wrong era. To scratch the surface of what many did for music in that time would be impossible. But to bring raw energy back into this world is my goal.

Hi my name is Jerad Williams and for 5 years, I’ve been playing the guitar and going to jams at my local bar. Deep down, I love the Blues. Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters, and Elmore James are a few of the many I enjoy listening to. Playing the Blues is hard because you have to tell a story that draws people into what you’re feeling inside, without saying a word. But by playing once a week along the sides of Sacramento’s best musicians, it has helped me dig deeper into my roots for the blues.