the greenbeets

the greenbeets


The music cannot be described by one genre, it is a perfect blend of reggae, hip hop, blues, funk and jazz.The enticing feel and good sounds of 'the greenbeets' move people in the best way. We absolutely love what we do and take pride in our work. The lyrics and melodies will transcend generations..


The chicken pot pie is one of the greatest inventions of all time. Whoever created this delectable meal was most certainly part-genius. By simply taking chicken, vegetables, and gravy (each delicious on their own) and stuffing them into a flaky pie-crust (also delicious on its own), this person changed the culinary world forever.

The Greenbeets are the chicken pot pie of the music world. Hailing from Washington, DC, this band is filled with four of the most cultivated musical talents in the area. After years of performing and never once forgetting the roots of their influences, nor the passion to influence others, each member has earned the right to stand alone, owning to the fullest his respective skill.

Born in St. Lucia, Miguel 'Andros' Aubertin brings with him the genuine homeland roots of reggae and soca, inspiring the souls of listeners with his vocals. Pete Thomas on lead guitar is a musical encyclopedia; combining history lessons of blues, rock, jazz and funk, he has created a fusion sound that even the blind can recognize as his. Matt Hilferty turns the bass guitar into more than an instrument; with influences ranging from hip-hop and r&b to mo-town and blues, he is most certainly the all-important chicken in the pie. Lastly, keeping it all together is Ryan Cullen on percussion. His experience is so deep that he could play drums on any project no matter what the genre, the same way gravy has been blessed to go with anything.

When you take such talents, each a perfect ingredient, and put them together as a collective group, it is impossible for the musical recipe to be anything less than great.




1.Back to my senses.
2.Natural connection.
4.Simple kinda loving.
6.Smoke Screen.
7.Rise Up.
8.Ease your pain.
9.Everybody Knows.
10.Drift Away.
11.Tricky Situation.
12.Carpe Diem.

The 3rd song on the CD 'Uptown' is getting airplay on 103.3 WODS FM in Annapolis MD.

Also working on a second album 'THEORY OF A MOVEMENT'...
The names of the tracks are:

1.Theory of a movement.
2.Lyrical Seduction.
3.Being Me.
4.My People.
5.Open up the door.
6.Life is all.
7.Step out your mind.
8.Shoot me down.
9.Bad Days.
12.Burn da wicked.
13.Give up some love.

Set List

1.Back to my Senses.
2.Natural Connection.
4.Simple kinda loving.
6.Smoke Screen.
7.Rise Up.
8.Ease your pain.
9.Everybody Knows.
10.Drift Away.
11.Tricky Situation.
12.Carpe Diem
13.Lyrical Seduction.
14.Theory of a movement.
15.Step out your mind.
16.Open up the door.
18.Being Me.
21.Bad days.
22.Life is All.
23.Burn de wicked.
24.Shoot me down.
26.Divine Love.

1.Ain't no sunshine.
2.No woman no cry.
3.Legalize It.
5.Feel like making love.
6.Let's get it on.
7.What's going on.
8. It's your thing.
9.Three little birds.
10.Stir it Up.
11.Solid as a rock.
12.Stand by me.