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"The Green Hit"

" Its like haveing sublime, slightly stoopid, 311, and primus on shuffle on your ipod" - Stomp and Stammer


Spontaneous flow and unpredictable. The Green Hit is a band to be on the look out for. The south is not just about Hip-Hop and getting “Crunk.” There is an array of musical talent in the south as demonstrated by this band. Like with all new music from indie artists. They are so close to the roots of what they do. A lot of commercial and catchy hooks in most cases will not be in their music. Most indie bands with a creative purity to their music will play what they feel. In the real since of the matter that’s what brings people out to the local pubs and venues across the country. The Green Hit embodies that band you can learn to appreciate. - Urban Mainstream Magazine

"High Expectations"

Rarely have I heard a local band live and bought their CD and been equally impressed with the live and studio versions. The Green Hit accomplished to produce an unpolished CD that is a bit muddy on mixing, but truly has a “vibe” which carries throughout the entire CD. Tracks such as “Bride of a song…. And He calls it Madeline”, carry a sublime feel, while tracks such as “Brian’s Brew and Death of Death" have a much more melodic feel but it all blends together quite perfectly in an 80 minute CD that doesn’t get old. After hearing of these guys for a while, I must say the hype was befitting.
Shane Harrison, Access Atlanta 05.20.07
- Atlanta Journal Constitution, Access Atlanta

"Atlantis Music Conference Review"

This band has a lot of potential. Money is Cancer is a nice song. The lead singer has a good voice....I love the saxophone in Cold Dead Hands and Return of the Mudd. It’s a great addition to the songs. Overall sound recording quality is not that great. It sounds very muddy. I would suggest investing in a studio session with a producer. The musicianship is there and I’d really like to hear this band again in a year. - Atlantis Listening Committee


mackin and prophalactin- 2003
Low Standards High Expectations-2007



The Green Hit formed 6 years ago and have perfected their sound and become one of Georgia and the southeast's most acclaimed bands. Combining reggae and latin rhythms with vocals that mingle between melodic lullabyes to boistrous chants, The Green Hit stands out in a scene filled with monotomy. The music of The Green Hit is about the experience and the moment, combining an album of epic proportions with a relentless stage show, The Green Hit provides a welcome release from the mainstream.
After releasing "Low Standards, High Expectations" in april 2007, the band has gained frequent radio play on 96.1 and 88.5 as well as selling 200 albums in the first two months. The Green Hit has played with such national acts as: Zebrahead, Authority Zereo, Bouncing Souls, Circle Jerks, Chicago Afrobeat Orchestra, Shortbus(long beach dub all stars), easy dub all stars as well as many national festivals and clubs. Though they self produced their first two albums the band is talking with labels now about an independent deal. The Green Hit are looking to push to the next level, wherever that may be.