The Green Hour

The Green Hour


The Green Hour is a band that draws their influences from 60s era psychedelic pop, ie Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd, and modern garage acts, such as The White Stripes. With these influences in mind The Green Hour is able to shape their own powerfully original sound.


The Green Hour, formerly known as The Yesterdais, established in the fall of 06 has quickly established itself as one of Vancouver's feature bands. Having completed their first full length record in the fall of 07, they are currently in search of label support for this recording. Adrian Mack of The Georgia Straight Newspaper had this to say of the new recording, "sonically adventurous enough to sit beside neo-psych contemporaries like the Brian Jonestown Massacre, the Warlocks, or the eternally alarmed-sounding VietNam." He goes on to say that, "anybody expecting a slavish re-creation of rock's primary period will find something considerably more vital." That being said The Green Hour is more than ready to break out of Vancouver and attack the global stage head-on.


The Yesterdais "Brand New Lover CDR"

Set List

A Typical set runs 40 minutes without any covers.