The Green Line

The Green Line

 New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Our music reflects the easy vibes of college life with meaning. Our Modern Reggae style flows over the audience while the floor bounces the vibes into the soul of the crowd.
The Green Line is our modest attempt to bring out peace and vibes in Music/Modern Reggae.


The band shares members from all over the North East, however they all attend University of New Haven for music in their second year. This has been our passions all of our life and now with the chance to live our dreams we are ready to take the bull by the horns and take this all they way to the top. We are a younger group that directly reflects the thoughts and actions of our young population. Our main influences in our music career have been, Rebelution, Dispatch, Soja, Passafire. With the combination of those four groups with the skills of The Green Line will blow your mind the first time you hear them.


Invision, Dont stop.