the green room

the green room


"Their stylish, moody Britpop is a great refuge whenever you're a bit bored with noisy American Garage Rock"- CityBeat


The Green Room was formed in the summer of 1993 in Cincinnati. The original lineup consisted of Christopher Glandorf on vocals and occasional rhythm guitar, David Wesenberg on lead, Troy Freel on bass, and Kevin DeMorest on the drums. Highlights of the first years include several packed shows at the infamous Warehouse Nightclub, regular appearances at clubs such as Bogart's and Sudsy Malone's, and inclusion on the first ever Cincinnati local compilation CD [Deary Me].

The band continued to play throughout the '90's using various line-ups and even a different name; "Room Nineteen" before disbanding in 1999. On 21 July, 2001 The Green Room returned with Christopher on bass and vocals, David on rhythm, and newcomer Fredrix on lead guitar. Marty Williamson helped out on drums until Feb. 2003 when Todd Hanson was "awarded" the position. Now, in 2005, Marty is back...

The Green Room has performed at the prestigious MidPoint Music Festival in 2003 and 2004, as well as several high-profile charity events, such as 2004 and 2005's 80's Pop Rocks benefits for AVOC, and 2003's Ramones tribute.

2005 will see the band release thier first full length album entitled, "waiting..." A very appropriate title indeed, not just thematically, but the fact that they have recorded 3 albums that never saw the public eye, and have spent 3 & 1/2 years recording this one certainly echoes the title....

what are YOU waiting for?


mirror lake

Written By: christopher glandorf

Waiting… long before the night,
We strike out for redemption
As the shimmer of the lake, it burns our eyes.
While tattle-tale pines shield our back side
We strike out for redemption,
A mirror image in the lake of sky;
While tattle tale pines shield our back
We wonder, “Does the frantic siren play our song?”
(Over and over again it plays our song)

A mirror image in the lake of sky
The wet wispy whip of your smile
And lazy, the rooster cries “morning;”
Weary, weary, wild.

The wet wispy whip of your smile,
I am never to know again.
Weary, weary, wild
This haunting that lingers,
This lake of fire

I am never to know once more
The lazy call of the rooster
This haunting that lingers
This ripple reflection; desire, desire.

Waiting down in the hold, desire breeds,
Desire turns the eyes and makes you breathe
Desire tears you down and you build it again…

on a tuesday

Written By: christopher glandorf

Welcome here, where the charlatans meet; study it well; take your seat. Nice to see you, so glad we could talk; you’re far from average, from what we saw. Observe discretely, hear what they say; speaking too much could give you away. We’ll wait for you on the other side of nothing; the company’s plenty, which must mean something…
So don’t even wonder if you’d care to stay long; they won’t even notice, anyhow…

Careful, now, you’re so very close; what you reveal will cost the most. In the end, well it looks real clean, but a spot’s on the wall, there’s something in between the corners; on a Tuesday; when you’ll have had enough, decide you won’t stay. Wasting time on the back side of nothing; the company’s faithful, which must mean something…

So don’t even wonder if you care to stay long; you won’t miss them, anyhow.

this heavenly dream

Written By: christopher glandorf

Eye-beams under moon and sky, I see you coming down, coming down the same. Fear and shame, such rosy complications that wouldn’t dare stop you again. It’s the code of conversation, your eyes; it’s the code of conversation, your thighs; it’s the code communicated, your mouth leads and I open wide…
Can you believe that this heavenly dream can come true in the way that you talk, in the way that you breathe, and you move? In the way that you stop in the night and you photograph me? In the way that you slide and you’re shifting sub-lunar in June?

Unseen undulation now you shiver; hold it now, catch it now, breathe in. Love and honor, weighty invocations that wouldn’t help save you again. It’s the code of conversation, your eyes; it’s the code communication, your thighs; it’s the code of the conversion, your mouth leads and I open wide…

So, I’ll let you know...


"waiting..." full length release- June 2005

Set List

mirror lake
this heavenly dream
having a breakdown
winter of discontent
on a tuesday
sunny weather, top down
modern atlantis
wreck [14th]
don't kill yourself over fiction
silent farewell

many more are coming soon...

covers performed for various occaisions:
filmstar- suede
lots of songs by the smiths
pet semetery- the ramones
ziggy stardust- bowie
the sixteen- sweet
wave of mutilation/ debaser- pixies
radio free europe- r.e.m.