The Greens

The Greens


Up-and-coming, hard-working, fun-loving, good-looking(?!), multi-talented "power-trio" whole-heartedly committed to high-energy QUALITY ENTERTAINMENT! Blues/rock based, but influences range from "Allman to Zappa" and everywhere in between, just as long as it's REAL GOOD MUSIC!


("Good-time Appalachian rock/soul boogaloo!")

THE GREENS are one of the best bands you've never heard of. Hopefully, that will soon change! West Virginia, which is unfortunately NOT often recognized as a musical 'hot-spot' (if it's recognized at all!) has been a good home to this unique and soulful group for 5 years now. Positive things are finally happening. Even in a small college town like Morgantown (WVU) lots of people are taking notice. Yes, the word is out: The Greens ROCK!!! This experienced professional band plays well over 100 shows every year all through Appalachia and beyond. At all KINDS of venues The Greens are steadily growing a solid reputation of GOOD MUSIC. Now The Greens need YOU, and YOU need The Greens!
Though the "power trio" IS Blues/rock-based, a wide spectrum of other influences is present, a well-balanced mix of funk, soul, jazz, alt/country, old-time, world-beat, anything, as long as it's REAL. The Greens (not just the "Blues") always strive for timeless music that audiences will enjoy. We write ORIGINAL songs that people can feel and relate to. So, a crop of devoted fans is sure to pop up wherever The Greens take the stage. This band is GUARANTEED to consistently deliver electrifying, satisfying performances. When The Greens turn on the energy, people just can't help getting up and dancing and drinking and having an overall fabulous time. For these "career opportunities" we are very grateful and can only hope to continue to please crowds in the future. We look forward to hearing from you soon! Thank you kindly...
The Greens!



Written By: Andrew R. Tuck

Be__/reminded of a time when things were different/We__/ were young and dumb and fun and somewhat innocent/See__/ what made us into strangers, dangerous miscreants/ Please__/ stay tuned in, my friend and just keep listenin'. Yeah...(chorus): Somtimes you get detected, selected, and expected/ to do some things you don't wanna do/ and then you get dissected, dejected, disrespected/ the whole world's out to get you/ So get yourself collected, corrected, and connected and go ahead and start all new...

The Funk Smell

Written By: Andrew R. Tuck

"What is that smell?" FUNK!!!(4X)... Well I got knocked out/ I got hit on the head / Hurts like heck oh God am I dead?!
Now is there a light at the end of the tunnell? / Or do I look down there and say, "I dunno!" / There could be something comin' up that way / or is that just the sun jumpstarting my day /
It HAS been a while since I got any sleep/ Is this the point where I go off and think deep?/ What if this? What if that? What if no one else is where I'm at...//...And I get left out by an old tree stump / Put me in the garbage take me to the dump/ I wake up and wonder "GOOD GOD WHAT IS THAT SMELL?!"/ A nice cozy spot in sulfuric hell!/ So spit out the blood and wipe off the crud / Go romping stomping thru all the nasty mud / Splash it up on them rich folks lawn/ I stole their purple yard troll and I was gone!/ Now me and the little fella sittin'drinkin' coffee/ And I still can't get THE FUNK SMELL off me!


"Strange Language"- August 2002

" Fruition"- March 2004.
(Both albums are all original songs--12 on each; independently self-released/ distributed at live shows, area record stores, & via internet).

"Andy Tuck: West Virginia Soul " - February 2005

"The Apocalypso EP" -May 2005

Songs "Swamp Queen", "The Greens", "Beekeeper" and several more have been played on numerous college/ local radio in Morgantown, Parkersburg, and Wheeling, WV. Featured on XM satellite radio on the Unsigned Band Station, on Oasis CD sampler compilation, and 2005 "Homegrown Hysteria" WCLG, Morgantown rock station compilation CD

Set List

The Greens play 2 long, hard-rockin' sets-- around 2 hours each-- just about every show. Mostly lively originals such as "Beekeeper", "Psychedelic Sky", "The Funk Smell" and many more. The band constantly cranks out fly new stuff, so each concert is different, but always intriguing. Also, throwing in crowd-pleasing, classic-yet-eclectic covers into the mix as well:"Allman to Zappa" & Hendrix, Marley, Cash, Dylan, Dead, Doors, etc... it's ALL THE GOOD OLD STUFF!