The Green World

The Green World


A band that blends our influences, new and old, together to form a tight quartet in which each member possess a diverse and unique style of playing. In this diversity of musical style, we can combine the styles of 60s to present day music in a sonic blend of acoustic folk and hard edge blues


"What does your music mean to you"? This last stanza found in our show-opener, "Culture", is not only a question to whomever turns their ears to our music, but is also a statement of who we our as musicians. Each and everyone of us in the band has influences ranging from Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Van Morrison, to Ryan Adams, Wilco, Owen, & Bright Eyes. We hold a passion towards music and firmly stand at incorporating all elements found in music history into our lyrics and playing style, without holding anything back. In summary; music is our outlet, escape of life, and the fire in our hearts and minds. That is what our music means to us. What does it mean to you?


LP: Culture - 2007
You may also visit our myspace which has tracks from the album, we also constantly demo all new tracks that we concieve and typically make their way on to our myspace player a week after recording. Take a peek, it will give you a good insight to where our direction and songwriting is at at that time.