The Greg Brady Experience

The Greg Brady Experience


If Carl Douglas ever comes out of retirement, we are there like Blatz Beer!!! If AMC was still making Gremlins, The Greg Brady Experience would be the official Rockin' House Band!!! We are GrOOvyLiscious Partyrock Times TEN !!! We are "More Than Live"!!!


We are truely a "FUN" band that really gets off on playing "LIVE"!!! We enjoy entertaining people through our music with some comedy sprinkled in the mix. Our primary influences are 70's classic rock, funk, and disco, but we don't limit ourselves to that genre - we can switch gears to Lynyrd Skynyrd, Radiohead, KC and The Sunshine Band in the span of three songs and the dance floor will be groovin' the whole time!!! We are a lot like The Who with four seperate personalities that all contribute to the final product. The Greg Brady Experience are children of the 70's that were born in the 60's and just love playin' that funky music!!!


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Set List

We are a cover band who's sets typically run over and hour to 75 minutes. Our songs are an eclectic lot from the rockin' groove of T-Rex to the funk of The Commodores to Harry Belafonte's "Banana Boat Song" - all topped off with a generous helping of Ted Nugent, Georgia Sattellites, Steve Miller, The Clash, The Monkees, The Beatles, Everclear, Van Morrison, Jimmy Buffett, Violent Femmes, Johnny Cash, and more ... with a Wild Cherry on top!