The Grenades

The Grenades


A punk rock band with a refreshingly melodic but aggressive songs with a southern californian edge. Catchy guitar riffs, punchy bass lines and serious but uplfiting lyrics.


In 2002, Danny Walker and Sean Martin met in their junior year of high school in Hesperia, California. The two became good friends but did not talk about starting a band until 2004. Together they discussed bands they listened to and began writing and arranging songs. They continued to write songs until one year later when they met drummer Daniel DeLa Santos. Daniel fit right in with the band and one month later The Grenades found their sound, and began playing shows. Since then The Grenades have recorded a demo, played in some premiere Hollywood venues, and have had guitarist, Jerheme Gayle, join the band. With Jerheme joing the band The Grenades gained a much fuller sound and brought more energy to the stage. The four continue to bring a refreshing and uplifting mood to punk music with aggresive guitar riffs, punchy bass lines, and killer beats. Today The Grenades are writing new material and continue to play shows all over Southern California.


Six Feet Under

Written By: The Grenades

Selfdistruction in 3..2..1
My whole world comes undone
Crumbling walls caused by loaded guns
Grenades go off and everyone runs
They dont know its dark inside
It all turns black and mother cries

Don't take my baby boy, he's much too young
Don't take my pride and joy, my only son
She doesn't know it's already done
She doesn't know he's already gone
He doesn't get a second chance he's dead and gone
6 feet under and what has he done?

Deep thoughts haunt many teens
It's not as bad as it seems
The pain won't last much too long
I shouldn't go to hell
It shouldn't be wrong

Zero comes, theres no sun
Sky turns black, no more fun
No more chances to make things right
Six feet under and your mother cries

What For

Written By: The Grenades

Late at night I'm wide awake,
Wondering what it'll take,
To save someone who's in dispair,
Don't know how don't know where,

Cause I know that their falling down,
And I know that they need someone around,
No matter what they need,
I'll try to set them free,
Yea I'll pick them up,
Yea I'll carry them around,
And try to make the best,
Of this life and all it's tests,

I can take someone pick them up,
Find a way to change their luck,
Guide them through the hardest times,
Help them see all the signs,
Not let them give up hope,
Help them all find their souls,

Leave You Behind

Written By: The Grenades

Should I stay, Should I go,
Please tell me cause I don't know,
This decision's hard to make,
It's draining me so help me think,
Don't wanna have to leave you behind,
Your someone thats hard to find,

Take a chance, then you'll see,
My dreams aren't fantasy,
I may not be the smartest one,
You might wanna know, I'm better than I ever was,

I took a risk, now I see,
we weren't really, meant to be,
Now it's time for me to go,
There's one thing I want you to know,
I gave it a chance, now its time,
For me to let go and leave you behind,


Demo - 2005. We have radio play on Q-VO internet radio station at

Set List

Our set list usually varies from half an hour to 45 mintues. The songs we have are:

1. Leave You Behind
2. Fuck Off
3. Is This The One
4. Caught Up In The Moment
5. Stalker
6. Full Of Lies
7. I Know
8. What For
9. Your Letter
10. Six Feet Under.

We have also done one cover which was Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo by the Bloodhound Gang.