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The Grenadines

Birmingham, Alabama, United States | INDIE

Birmingham, Alabama, United States | INDIE
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Introducing The Grenadines"

The self-titled debut from husband and wife duo The Grenadines is a refreshing burst of summery, retro-influenced pop-rock. I’ve yet to see any posts about them elsewhere, but I suspect that won’t be the case for long. Despite occasional hints of everyone from Mazzy Star and Elysian Fields to The Raveonettes and even The Velvet Underground, there’s no one band to accurately compare to The Grenadines.
Many of the tracks on the album pair muffled rock guitar with dreamy girl-pop vocals, but there are a few surprises – such as the slinky, sleepy standout “Counting Backwards.” Other highlights include “Shake,” “Fire Cracker” and “Warmer.”

The Grenadines’ album will be released on February 19th by the relatively new (and very awesome) Birmingham record label, Communicating Vessels. - Muruch


The Grenadine's have been hard at work since they emerged onto the scene at SxSW in 2009, working with guys like Jim Eno from Spoon, touring with Jenny Lewis and the Heartless Bastards, and releasing two EP's. Here's a look at their newly released video for the song "Shake" off their self-titled debut album.

"Shake's" funky guitar intro paves the way for a dark and hypnotizing chorus, and culminates in a smooth yet striking guitar solo. The ominous and haunting vocals, groovy vibe, and depiction of an entranced dance loving stalker put this video somewhere between Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" and Helen Reddy's "Angie Baby." - Baeble Music

"The Grenadines"

Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama, The Grenadines are fronted by husband/wife team Michael and Lauren Shackelford. Working with Jim Eno of Spoon and other producers in the music business like Andy LeMaster (Bright Eyes) has had its benefits on this Southern indie rock band. With both slow and upbeat songs on their self-titled record, they have their own distinct sound that can be heard on every song. The first two tracks, “Shake” and “Firecracker,” bring an upbeat pace to the album that’ll get the listeners moving. “Counting Backwards” changes the tone with a soothing bassline, allowing for the twangy guitars to shine. A clear focus for the next two songs is the use of guitar. “Down” is filled catchy riffs that will get stuck in your head, and “Warmer” features bends and sustains poking through the background.

To kick off the second half of the album, the band turns to “Reservations.” This song shows the exceptional ability of Michael and Lauren blending their voices together. Their strength to sing is also displayed through “Carousel,” “Umbrellas” and “Not Much.” The latter song features a slow jam from the 1:40 mark on, with consistent bass and guitar parts. “First To Fold” and “Colourblind” are more upbeat than the others and use chords effectively while also containing intermittent guitar riffs, and a catchy snare/cymbal drumbeat. Altogether, it’s a great listen and very impressive, as the band stayed true to their style. Their method is all about the bass and rhythm guitar laying down the tones for the vocals to take charge, while the lead guitar gives each song an extra push. This is a great rock record that will keep you moving the entire listen through.

In A Word: Groovy

—by Robert Gluck, March 15, 2013
- The Aquarian


"Shake" {single 7"}
"Colourblind" {single 7"}
The Grenadines (self-titled) {full-length}



Fronted by husband and wife team Michael and Lauren Shackelford and thrust into widescreen by guitarist David Swatzell, The Grenadines have been making a name for themselves in underground circles, thanks to both a sumptuous live show and the praise from producers such as Andy LeMaster (Bright Eyes, Now Its Overhead), Jim Eno {Spoon} and Lynn Bridges-- all of whom have produced tracks for the band.

The Grenadines self-titled debut released in February of this year and is pure dream-drenched rock and roll cut through a southern lens. The lead track Shake ( produced by Jeffrey Cain - Remy Zero, The Great Book of John, Isidore ) is a taut and slinky disco duet perfect for your Indian Summer dance party. This band tells their tale with a wide spectrum of sounds creating haunting orchestrations and contagious melodies that stick to the subconscious like a recurring dream.

" a psychedelic rock and roll trip"

Touring with acts Jenny Lewis (Rilo Kiley, Jenny and Johnny), Bear in Heaven, White Denim, Maria Taylor, and Orenda Fink (Azure Ray), allows for a confident resume. Look for them to tour throughout this year.

Keep a look out this spring in support of this long awaited release.

"We dare you not to like this" (Indie Naked Magazine)