The Grey

The Grey


The Grey is a heavy metal band looking to incorporate many styles into one cohesive wrecking ball.


The Grey has been in the making since about 1999 or so. The band finally came together completely in the summer of 2002. Although The Grey is losing Keith shortly, they are full steam ahead, charged with a new energy. Each member of the band has their own set of influences from death metal to power metal...well, ALL types of metal. Some of us even enjoy other types of music, not usually associated with metal. The Grey melds all of our influences together to create a unique sound all their own. The Grey is ready to break into the metal scene with a vengeance.


Entropy (EP/Demo)

Set List

To The Grave
Stuck In The Grey
Haunted Inside
Lived Pain
Demon In My Head
Everything's Lost
Chasing The Dragon (Instrumental)
...and then there was chaos