The Grey A

The Grey A


The brainchild of Texas songwriter Grey Jacks, "The Grey A" blends the influences of Neil Finn to Neil Young. With melodies rooted in pop music and lyrics ranging from evolution, political money, and rising sea levels, the Grey A addresses the issues of our time with a catchiness that will have you hooked by the 1st chorus.

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All That I Can See

Written By: Grey Jacks

Now and then I heed the call

and settle down. divorce it all.

As I lay here and watch the sky

diffused with a summers light

with grace and strength I’ll drink in

all this life can give to me.

If I’m at peace the stars align.

Those lonely beast, they march in time.

Infinity’s a day to them

but not to me, as you’ll see.

Sunlight’s on my shoulder

and it is all that I can see.

Sunlight on my pillow

yes, it is all that I can see.

Verse 2:
Well, how’d it pass I came to rest

on padded ground with folks in dress.

A Maypoles strings they spin a web

as the young glide and float in step.

A pagan thing I’d dreamed of

and nearly wept to see. Indeed.

There’s sunlight on my shoulder

And it is all that I can see

Sunlight on your pillow

yes, it is all that I can see.