The Grey Area

The Grey Area


Were a high energy band that puts on a hell of a show. Nothing we do is boring, we start off with a high level of energy and end with it. Every crowd has gone completely nuts after each performance, and every venue we play asks us back.


The Grey Area named Raleigh, North Carolina as their new home and will bring a kick to the music scene. The powerful vocals, catchy guitar lines, driving bass, and thought-out arrangements make their sound hard to brush off as just a local act.

They are the perfect Regional Opening Act. Every crowd has gone absolutely crazy after each live performance mainly because of the high energy show the band puts on. It’s not just all about playing live, the band interacts with the crowd, making them feel apart of the show while promoting alcohol sales.

The music played under a different name “The Reset Method” at the time has opened for National Acts such as “Papa Roach” and “AFI”. The original songs are written and designed to catch any one's particular taste and leave them begging for more. The Reset Method was the runner up for “The Next Big Thing” presented by 97 X FM, Tampa Bay, FL.


The EP "Somewhere in the middle of nowhere"

We have two tracks, "IF" and "Voices" receiving airplay in Tampa Bay, FL on 97 X. Multiple Internet radio stations are streaming the same songs.

Set List

Our typical set is 45 minutes to 1.5 hours
Our original set list includes
IF, Breather, Voices, Numb, Now, Veronika, Sleepwalker, Corners

The covers we play are along the lines of Bush, Radiohead, Incubus, STP, Everclear, etc...