The Grey Company

The Grey Company


Rock and Roll for the soul.


The Grey Company is a Fort Worth-based hard rock quartet. We started playing together in 2006 just for jamming purposes but soon decided to keep on the straight and narrow. Heavily influenced by a wide range of music from bands such as Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath to doom metal or electronic music, we love it all. A good song to us is laying down a fat, heavy riff that can get heads to nod or feet to dance, and our live show is near perfected which is what one would assume from a band who's been around for 2-plus years.


"Carnivores EP" - released in May 2008 (5 song debut EP recorded at Fort Worth Sound by Bart Rose, producer for bands such as the Toadies and Green River Ordinance)

Set List

We change our set list frequently so that our fanbase doesn't see the same show every time, and we also are constantly writing which adds to the ever evolving show. We've played shows anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours long. As far as covers go, we cover the Strokes frequently, and might throw in a Led Zeppelin song every once in a while.