The Grim Fighting Heroes

The Grim Fighting Heroes


The Grim Fighting Heroes are a loud rock'n'roll band with rumble drums and bass, screamin' vocals and guitars that sound like a nuclear destruction.


The band startet up in the 04, and have had lots of gigs ever since. We've recorded a couple of demos, and will have a record out at spring.
our influences:
The Cramps, The Stooges, The Sonics, The Third Bardo, The Calico Wall, The Bees, The Byrds, The Love and all the in between.


'04 : EP-Going to hell
'05 : Songs on the edge of forever
'07 : Satan blows my mind (album)

Set List

Our typical set is 35 -45 min. long
Set list from our lats gig:

The grim fighting theme
Get it on
Cabeable of love
Satan Blows my mind
Going to hell
Burning all bridges
Oh yeah baby
Angry man
Devils child
All the things
Belive and destroy
Go away
Pussy ville