The Grimm Generation

The Grimm Generation

 Windsor, Connecticut, USA

'It’s a rarity that a heretofore unknown band can make an indelible impression with their debut album. But The Grimm Generation’s 'The Last Record Party' is truly a songwriting fête that explores the not-so-shocking underbelly of suburban sexual ennui and apocalyptical romances.' - Examiner.Com


From the flaming wreckage of the 'Record Industry' arise The Grimm Generation.

Carmen Champagne and Jason P. Krug met for one date, then thought better of it, so instead co-authored a book, 'Say Anything: Dispatches on Love, Lust and Longing from The Grimm Generation'. One night, Jason dropped by with acoustic in hand and convinced Carmen to sing. And the 'Post-Apocalyptic Pop Stars', The Grimm Generation was born.

The GG design is simple: one guitar and two singers. The hook comes in the 'confessions', the loud and public sharing of their perception of modern 'love', told over tunes based on blues+country+glam+show music (= Rock And Roll) featuring emotionally wrung out vocals leaving no doubt that these are real moments, captured, reshaped, and harmonized with.


'The Last Record Party' (CD - 2011)
'The Book Of Love' (EP (2011)
'I Like To Watch' (EP - 2011)
'The End Of The World' (EP - 2010)