The Grim Northern Social
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The Grim Northern Social

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Grim Northern Social"

The Sunday Mail

“The Grim Northern Social is more than just another UK band. It is THE UK BAND!”

The Sunday Times

“With the best rock voice this side of the Atlantic, it surely can’t be long before The Grim Northern Social follow Franz Ferdinand and Snow Patrol to success.”

Music Week

“The Grim Northern Social are a fine live act and decidedly the best the country has to offer…”

The Independent

"Simply irresistible ****"

The Herald

“The Grim Northern Social have the charisma, the energy, the talent and the tunes to be the modern day answer to both The Who and The Rolling Stones.”

The Fly

“One of the most inspiring bands seen this year”


“…a terrific Scottish band…”

“The Grims have managed to draw on the whole of UK music from the past 40 years – from early 60s Rolling Stones to the Manchester sound of The Stone Roses – and to synthesize it into something all their own.” - Reviews


Album: 'The Grim Northern Social' Released 8th Sept 2003

Singles: 'Honey' Released 5th May 2003
'Urban Pressure' Released 25th Aug 2003
'Connected' released 26th Feb 2007


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Grim Northern Social existed in Ewan MacFarlane’s head long before they existed in our lacklustre computerised post-modern world. He saw this band as an ideal, an archetype, an essential solution. It could be the perfect machine for expressing his hopes and fears as he moved away from London, and from one or two failed attempts at the rock’n’roll success story, back home to Scotland.

The band’s first album, with its tales of inner-city tension to pledges of eternal love, was ultimately one of hope, made big and bold by Ewan MacFarlane’s personally-charged classic style of rock songwriting, which doesn’t shy away from the revered territories of Bowie, Jagger, and Townshend. The album was listed as one of the albums of the year in Rolling Stone, while closer to home, the band gained loyal support from several radio stations and made many friends in the press.

The band appeared as special guests of artists including Elvis Costello and Simple Minds. Other live highlights included several T In the Park appearances and two mind-blowing sets at the South-By-Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas. This busy live schedule earned the GNS a faithful, and rather obsessive fanbase.

The GNS are back with their second effort entitled Watch Out For The Spies. On the new record, the majestic and uplifting GNS sound is wound tighter, biting hard with a fistful of instant classics. This time around, emphasis was placed on the in-yer-face live aspect of the Grim Northern Social. Although tinged with a newly bred cynicism, from the Jagger swagger and stomp of “Connected” to the almost spiritual power of “Save Your Skin”, the album is truly a celebration of love and rock’n’roll. And after all, what else really matters?

The band’s extraordinary live power has always been indisputable. Music Week has proclaimed the band “a fine live act and decidedly the best the country has to offer.” Ross Baxter, the slinky brooding lead guitarist, is the perfect onstage balance to Ewan MacFarlane, the magnetic, strutting showman. Paul Crawford’s powerful and exciting drumming style drives the band’s energy to exhilarating heights, while the whole sound is coiled together with Pete Cowan’s driving basslines.

Now, brimming with an impatient energy, the Grim Northern Social, with the new album Watch Out For The Spies in tow, are ready to prove their true worth. To prove that they have that thing. That unnameable thing that all great bands have; the thing that gives you that shiver when you know you’re watching something truly special; the quality that separates the good, from the stars. The band’s reputation in Scotland is undeniable, exemplified by the GNS’ selling out Glasgow’s celebrated King Tuts Wah-Wah Hut on two consecutive nights, for two years running, simply through word-of-mouth. The band has recently won the Emerging Talent Competition at Glastonbury and will be playing the John Peel Stage at this years festival. Glasto guru Michael Eavis called the Grims "The band we've been waiting for". No one has any reason to believe that the rest of the world won’t follow suit. So come on. Let’s go.