the grnts

the grnts

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an all male cast composed of 5 latinos and 1 african-american, with the looks and style of an inner-city boy-band who sound like a mix between lmfao and the dream on a low dose of Heroine and Viagra.


The GRNTS are originally an under ground political hip-hop group that evolved in music and style so much that after ten years they became a well polished group with tremendous sex appeal that they can very possibly become a commercial success like The Beatles or The Doors in their own genre.



Written By: the GRNTS

She's nasty-er than you


autonomous grnts 2003
sex drugs and hip-hop 2005
south Central or nothing 2007
the chix tape 2009
90011 2010

Set List

Nasty-er (the chix tape)