The Ground Floor

The Ground Floor


With well over 40 years combined experience in all aspects of the music industry, The Ground Floor are quickly making a name for themselves in their local music scene. By combining Blues-Rock with Jazz progressions, they have crafted a unique sound that is sure to please listeners of all ages.


One word that comes to mind when describing our band is "professional." Every single member has been involved in countless other bands and side projects, and are regularly called upon for session recordings and substitution gigs.

Since coming together as a four piece, our focus has changed to writing exciting original material with a strong emphasis on musicality. Our influences include, but are not limited to; The Allman Brothers, Joe Cocker, Wilco, Phish, Rush, Eric Clapton, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, John Scofield, Ben Folds, Chick Corea and Muddy Waters.

We are always ready to play at a moments notice, and have been keeping busy this summer with a variety of different gigs at The Foundation (opening for Grady and Murder City Sparrows), The Downtowner (Orillia, On), Wing Nutz (Barrie, On), The Foxx Lounge (Barrie, ON) and a main stage performance at The Barrie Jazz and Blues Festival. We are also highly anticipating our upcoming show at the Barrie Fairgrounds with local wunderkind Brett Kaswell and the punk-pop mastery of Used For Glue.


"Self Titled EP"
Recorded at One Star Studios In Barrie, Ontario
Track List:
1. She Was
2. Let's Just Say
3. Where Do You Stand

We are anxious to get back in the studio again, as our keyboard played Mark was added to the lineup shortly after the completion of our EP! None the less, our songs have been getting positive responses and we were lucky enough to have "Where Do You Stand" chosen to be part of the soundtrack for an independent Canadian film entitle "Dammed", which has recently been accepted into some high profile film festivals.

Set List

For the most part, our past gigs have been up to four hours in length, typically broken up into three or four sets with small breaks in between. If given only one 45 minute set we could easily fill it with only originals, but the majority of the venues we've played at have required a large amount of cover songs. As a result, our repertoire is vast and ever expanding, but here's a general idea of what we can do:

Way Too Late
She Was
All My Days
Let's Just Say
Where Do You Stand
Hide It All Away
Blue For Mark (Working Title)
Standing All Alone

In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed
Wind Cries Mary
Cinnamon Girl
All Along The Watchtower
Do It Again
Comin Home Babe
Big Legged Woman
Old Love
Evil Ways
The Chicken
Bony Maroni
Mojo Workin
Cortez The Killer
Torn Down
Little Wing
All Your Lovin
Red House
Cold Shot
Mercy Mercy Mercy
Born Under A Bad Sign