The Group

The Group

BandHip Hop

Great! affordable Amazing soulful


Ayana- Our lead singer has been singing for all her life. we meet her at bar were she was sing karaoke and decided we have too have her in our band.
Braydell- has been playing bass for over five years. He was sick of playing in his basement where no one could hear him and decided to join a band.
Sean-saw his brother braydell making good music and said to him it could sound even better. So he picked up a electric guitar and started playing.
Stefan- has been playing drums for fifteen years he is the one who created the band. It was once called the group, but his old members quit on him. So he had to start over that how Chosen got started.
when we do our music we do it with soul and feeling. there is one group of people that really inspired use is te Roots. they are a wonderful group that doesnt get the props that they deserveIn our past success we have interned with the great David Ivory. We have also jammed out the with Roots and played background for the Temptations.



Set List

we only have one song right now it called Amazing 3:15