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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States | INDIE

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States | INDIE
Band Pop Punk


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Pittsburgh's THE GUEST LIST'S first show back with New songs and line-up!"

THE GUEST LIST, is finally ready to get back and give their fans more great performances.

The Guest List is currently recording their first Full Length Album "The Last Imperfect", a follow up to the old line-ups 5 song E.P "My Dear Dead Natalie"

"The last imperfect" is a concept album in the veins of refused's "the shape of punk to come" challenging the ridiculous expectations of a stagnant scene too caught up in its own politics to notice or give a damn about writing good, catchy, in your face songs". Says guitarist Jules Levine
"this album should cement "the guest list" on the long list of pittsburgh punk rock gamechangers: half life, aus rotten, anti-flag..."

"I'm excited about finally releasing the full length album, that expresses all the new sounds we've incorporated into our music, harder Punk Rock, elements from electronia. I'v waited along time to get our sound to a unique balance. In terms of the first show of 2011, I cant wait to show our fans what we have become with the amazing new members that I've been working with for months... "
Added Aaron the bands lead vocalist

With an all new line-up & catchy songs like "Killer-Crush", & "Midnight In Eden", everyone will leave shows remembering THE GUEST LIST.

"I am very excited to get back on stage and perform in front of friends and strangers, its been almost 3 years since I have played a show." says Mike (bass) the newest member. "Im a little afraid of who will be the first to get stitches from a live show, Aaron and I were discussing how to let each other know where we are on stage. Im crazy & do bass swings while Aaron likes to jump off everything."

THE GUEST LIST is set to perform their first show as a new band March 6th at:
The Shadow Lounge
5972 Baum Blvd,
Pittsburgh PA
- RANEZINE "A Daily Blast of Music"

"ROCK UNITED "program""

The Guest List would hate to be denied the title of of a Punk band, but the bands pop-like, catchy, stylistic fusion of genres can hardly be described by a label implying a simplistic, rough, and generalized sound. Indeed a description better suited for the unique, hard hitting, passion driven melodies of The Guest List should be Punk/Indie-pop. The group holds strong roots in punk rock, but undoubtedly transcends traditional punk music with it's own original brand of musical style. - SOS productions

"Our Single was rated #1 most popular on Epitaph's website"



#1-Killer Crush- The Guest List

#2-Fall For Nothing-ARCADIA

#3-This One song- Sympathy for Chaos

#4-Moment I Loved You [EP Version]- Maneo


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The Guest List
Killer Crush
Date: 12/01/2009


Levi Funk and the Blame
Date: 11/30/2009


The Smallvilles
Is It Easier Now?
Date: 11/30/2009


The Avayou
Date: 11/30/2009


Valet Parn
Fear The Bullet
Date: 11/30/2009


The Threats
Date: 11/30/2009


Date: 11/30/2009


Date: 11/29/2009


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- Epitaph Records

"Pittsburgh City Paper: The Guest List"

We can't fault you if you haven't heard of The Guest List, but the local Pop-Punk band's got a blitz of events coming up that should ensure that you will know their name! The band, fronted by the nasally voiced Aaron Hopelyss, releases an E.P., My Dear Dead Natalie, Tonight (Wed. 12/16/09) at Brillobox. Then Next month they hit up Belvederes to release a LIVE DVD, filmed Nov at The Shadow Lounge.
Armed with "Noms De Guerre", straight-ahead punk tunes, and a multimedia catalog, THE GUEST LIST is serious about 2010.
Mason Summer and The Deadmites open 9pm at Brillobox.
- Pittsburgh City Paper

"The Guest List's Record Release"

After five years filled with pain, despair and betrayal in Los Angeles, CA, Vocalist/Lyricist Aaron Hopelyss (Frankel) found himself once again living in Pittsburgh, PA and filled with emotion and craving a cathartic outlet. He reconnected with guitarist and long time friend, Jon Miller (Jonathan Misery), and their creative sparks ignite a fierce fire. Fast and aggressive punk music joined with catchy indie pop and infused with deep and powerful lyrics and vocal melody attracted drummer, Brandon Lehman & rock&roll guitarist Luke Riff. Finally, bass guitarist, Jamey D. Edsy joined, completing the band's line up.

Naming the band after a romantic/horror screenplay Aaron had written, the band known as The Guest List was born.

Since then, THE GUEST LIST has exploded onto the local music scene, opening for bands such as the legendary MISFITS, and gaining respect and loyal fan base all over...
Now You can pick up their new EP album, "My Dear Dead Natalie" on Itunes and other online venues. - Clink Music Magazine


"Single"- Killer Crush (released on Itunes, Amazon, Emusic)
"My Dear Dead Natalie EP" (Released 12/18/09)
"Lost in the Shadows" LIVE Concert DVD for Itunes (Released 3/13/10)
New Single- "Figures of the Night" (released 7/23, Itunes,, Emusic)
(Coming April 2011: THE LAST IMPERFECT, A full length conceptive record by The Guest List)



The Guest List originally formed as a punk/rock/pop band in late winter 2008. With strong ambitions and a heart set on creative & artistic expression by way of hard hitting punk music , The Guest List set out on a journey to take the music they loved and show the music world that it can grow, that Punk Rock has no boundaries, as many believe!

Releasing a taste of their conceptual sound in Dec 2009 with the EP Album "MY DEAR DEAD NATALIE" their growing fan-base found a seed in side a punk record. Poetic, emotional and powerful lyrics encased in catchy and hard driving Punk Rock music. The bands determination to give the punk communities something they hadnt heard yet, a harmonious marriage of styles and even introducing other genres into the new music was a force of powerful ambition. What had resulted was The Guest Lists new experimental Punk infused Rock and Pop. Soon the group began to display stylistically through the music that their sound and attitude was maturing professionally, artistically, emotionally, and creatively, developing allot more abstract and inventive musical styles, poetic devices, provoking a much deeper and introspective concept of creating music and viewing performing and imagery in a new light passionately designing and executing high energy, gripping, engaging & powerfully entertaining performance premeditated to sync artistically to the music, enhancing the emotion and concepts of each song. These are but a few examples of how The Guest List and both the songs and performances they create became such a source of intense catharsis, excitement and reflection for band members; The Guest List to put together their next record release is a concept album of sorts, The Last Imperfect"....
Packed with strong yet very dark and poetic lyrical imagery, paying tribute to poets like Charles Baudelaire & Edgar Allen Poe (in one case a direct reference). Lyrically fusing with instrumentals that melodically expressed the same dark stories and energies that is sure to stimulate the hearts and souls of Punk fans, Pop fans, and music fans of all kinds, while remaining catchy, energetic, floor pounding punk... The bands new record sets out to break down the walls of categorization. The Last Imperfect has had its set backs but is expected that BrokeWhore Records will release it later this year 2014!
The Guest List has returned from the several year hiatus, in 2014 they emerged from the shadows to remind the scene of what punk/rock can do! Expect more then your typical punk record...."The Last Imperfect" is a concept album in the veins of The Refused's, "The Shape of Punk to Come",  challenging the ridiculous expectations of a stagnant scene, too caught up in its own politics to notice or give a damn about writing good, catchy, in your face songs...", says guitarist Alexis Icon, "This album should cement "The Guest List" on the long list of Pittsburgh punk rock game-changers: half life, aus rotten, anti-flag..."
"I'm excited about finally releasing the full length album, that expresses all the new sounds we've incorporated into our music, harder Punk Rock, elements from electronica. I've waited along time to get our sound to a unique balance," adds vocalist/lyricist, Aaron Hopelyss.

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