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The Guests @ First Baptist Waldo

Waldo, Florida, USA

Waldo, Florida, USA

The Guests @ Newberry high school auditorium

Newberry, Florida, USA

Newberry, Florida, USA

The Guests @ Open Arms Church

Keystone Heights, Florida, USA

Keystone Heights, Florida, USA

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


A ROCK band from Newberry, Florida, The Guests are creating interest Stateside. The band recently released the independent album 'Someday's Stories'. - Cross Rhythms

The Guests
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"Someday's Stories"
Release Date- Out Now
Rating- 8.00
by C.W. Ross

This release features 10 original songs written by the Florida based band.

They recorded the CD in just 2 days with another day for the producers to master it.

The band wishes that they had more time but made the best of the time they had to work with.

While this release could have benefited from more recording time the music found on it is good stuff.

The songs while being all rock in style vary from melodic in beat to all out rocking tracks.

You'll also find a fast guitar and drumming punk edge to a few of the songs and a ballad, "In Time."

You'll also find some good guitar solos along with some interesting guitar riffs.

The drums are content to stay in the background while being ready to jump to the front of a song when it's their time to shine.

The vocals are solid with just one or two spots where they seemed to have an unwanted slight crackling sound to them.

The songs deal a lot with finding and building a relationship with God.

My favorite song is track-7, "Burrito." The song features a ripping drum and bass opening and cleverly uses the parable of human hunger to spiritual hunger.

The band is passionate about their music and its message.

They use that passion to overcome any recording technical flaws that may be found on this release due to the short record time the band had to finish it up. - Christian Rockers Online

To whom it may concern,

It is without reservation that I recommend THE GUESTS for concert appearances at youth events, coffee house venues, special concerts targeting Gen-Xer's, and wherever young voices for Christ are needed to penetrate the minds and hearts of the next generation! Their original songs speak volumes about the need for young people to experience a relevant and exciting relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

I have had the privilege of being the pastor of band members Carsen Stefanelli and Darrell McLendon for the past 3 years and have witnessed nothing but a keen Christ-likeness in their everyday walks. And that goes likewise for Cory and Brendan O'Carroll, who I have had the privilege of not only knowing, but raising for the glory of God!

If you have any concerns or questions about THE GUESTS, please do not hesitate to call (352-472-2351) or email ( I hope you have the opportunity to get to know these four, young disciples soon!


Dr. Michael P. O'Carroll, Pastor - Dr. Mike O'Carroll

Below, the band, The Guests entertained and awed crowds as they lined up for hot dogs and hamburgers. - The Observer


Demo EP- 2005
Someday's Stories LP- 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Guests started about two & a half years ago as two brothers (Cory & Brendan) and a best friend (Darrell). They tried finding a lead guitarist but there was only a couple choices in the small town of Newberry, FL. Darrell, Brendan, & Cory started a band w/ a friend, James H., called Faolan, but it fell through w/in a short time period. After Faolan quit, Darrell, Cory, & Brendan continued to jam and mess around with different musical aspects. Shortly following, the 3 came up with the band name, The Guests, and started the search for a lead guitarist. After a couple of trial & errors they found the guitarist for the job; his name is Carsen Stefanelli. So we put him to the test while playing a couple of the songs that Brendan, Cory, & Darrell had already made and he fit right in w/ them. 5 songs and a couple of gigs later, The Guests recorded their 1st demo. It was rough sounding, but it was a start. Selling and distributing the demo was not a problem, but as time progressed, Brendan seemed to lose interest and shortly announced his resignation from the band. The time period after that was known as "The Great Burrito Depression". Many fans were disappointed and the remaining members of the band decided to form other projects. This is when Cory went solo ("Cory O.") & Carsen & Darrell formed "the Good Fight". No matter what happened Cory, Brendan, Darrell, & Carsen always ended up bumping into each other and talking about reuniting the band. So a couple of meetings later, The Guests reunited. "The Great Burrito Depression" was over and The Guests were back w/ a vengeance. A couple more songs were made during this regrouping period and lead to some tremendous gigs such as the Jesus Freakend retreat, Jamstock, and countless others. Even though everything looked fine for the future of The Guests, there were some dark clouds ahead. BreakThru Orlando was an event that was supposed to let unsigned bands/groups perform for "Big-time" Record executives. The problem was, The Guests performed for the Rap/Hip Hop/R&B execs who knew very little about rock n roll. But needless to say, The Guests got some free stuff, music submissions, & some connections w/ other local bands! After that The Guests got into the holiday spirit and learned 5 Christmas songs to play during their December shows. The show at their church Christmas party went great, but it was the show at the hospital that was turned upside down (Apparently old security guards don't like Christmas rock songs and other office employees think a guitar solo will make them go deaf). But all of this did'nt bother The Guests thanks to the support from a "Slayer" loving baby, Two Dollar Joe, A guy that looked like Esteban, and all of the hospital workers that just wanted to hear some good music. The new year (2006) brought a whole new excitement for The Guests! Although January & February were pretty slow months March came roaring in without notice. The 1st week of March, The Guests recorded their album, "Someday's Stories" which gave little time to play shows, but major practice time. March 17 was the infamous Battle of the Bands @ Skate Station & Funworks. This was the 2nd year that the Guests entered in the BOTB and this time they were not gonna be beat by some crappy screamo band! Before The Guests got up to play everything went wrong! Cory was borrowing Trent's SG guitar and with know warning the strap loosened sending Trent's guitar flat to the hardwood floor! This fall broke the input completely henceforth putting out zero guitar & 100% screeching. If that wasn't enough, since the guitar was still plugged in the microphones sent electrical shocks into Cory's mouth, causing severe pain & dryness. Despite all the problems The Guests arose victorious! After the BOTB @ Skate Station, The Guests were recharged and looking forward to the months ahead. The Guests set out in June to play 9 shows all around the beautiful state of FL. This mini tour was an awesome experience for the 4 boys allowing them to meet many kool people, bands, & new places. After a summer of awesome shows, The Guests finally finished their "Someday's Stories" album & put it into circulation. It is currently for sale at live shows & online. They also made t-shirts & stickers which are also for sale.
Recently Carsen has decided to leave the band. The remaining Guests support him in this decision & wish him the best in his new endeavors. Taking his place will be Daniel Kuzmenko, so expect to hear some new songs coming your way! So in the end, The Guests have already overcome trials & hardships, but with their faith in & many blessings from God they are more than ready for the future.