Guiltless Cult

Guiltless Cult


A collage of smart rock music with a hormonal imbalance. Take Elvis Costello singing for Led Zeppelin after he's been hanging out with Rick Rubin & touring with Bad Brains. Throw a bit of Ozzy & Frank Black into the mix and tell them to write satirical pop songs of American culture.


Guiltless Cult is the brainchild of Tennessee-via-New York songwriter Terry McClain.

The music is a fusion of ‘90s alternative, ‘70s hard rock and ‘80s melodic punk—upbeat, sometimes very heavy, and catchy as hell. Think Foo Fighters, Lenny Kravitz, Frank Black, Bad Brains, Nirvana. Think good stuff.

Help Me Out, the debut release from Guiltless Cult, was made in the Spring of 2006. Drums were recorded by area engineer (and guitar whiz) Frank Moscowitz (Levon Helm, KISS) in one seven-hour session on a Sunday in March; the remainder of the tracks were laid down at McClain’s apartment over the following month or so, whenever the third-shifter next door wasn’t trying to get some sleep.

McClain sang practically everything, and played most of the guitars and keyboards, and most bass guitar. Musician-about-town John Brodeur (of the Suggestions, among other projects) played drums, percussion, a few guitars, the Suzuki Omnichord II (listen for it on the album’s title track), and sang a few bars. Moscowitz pitched in with some bass and guitars (including the entrancing acoustic intro to “Supernatural Sun” and a few key slide-guitar lines). Charmboy front-man Eric Halder was called in for a few of the more daring electric-lead passages. Area guitarist/bassist Chris Neuhaus plays bass in the live band, and was responsible for helping create the shape of several of Guiltless Cult's newest songs through spontaneous improv sessions at the Lark Tavern’s weekly open-mic night.

The record was mixed by McClain with help from Moscowitz, and mastered at Sony Studios in New York City by engineer Pablo Arraya (Destiny's Child, The Mars Volta, Mastodon, John Legend). The result is a powerful statement by an excellent new rock act.

Greg Haymes of the Times Union calls Help Me Out a “baker’s dozen sharp, hook-filled original tunes that range from the slinky ‘The Straw That Raped the Camel’ to the boisterously heavy stomp of ‘Heave Ho.’”

-Voted one of the best local CD's of 2006 by the Times Union.

Terry McClain – (518) 378-8303

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Venues played: 2006-2007

The Lark Tavern - Albany, NY
Franklin's Tower - Albany, NY
Valentine's - Albany, NY
Red Square - Albany, NY
The Skyline - Albany, NY
The Underscore - Manhattan, NYC
Kenny's Castaways - Manhattan, NYC
The Pussycat Lounge - Manhattan, NYC
California Brew Haus - Rochester, NY
Durffest - Catskill, NY
Bernie's - Columbus, OH
The 5 Spot - Nashville, TN
Young Avenue Deli - Memphis, TN



Have To Say

Written By: Terry McClain

Have to Say

I finally asked to do no wrong
Inside of me said it all along but
What do I have to do
What do I have to say
I'm finding it hard to do some good
In spite of it all I knew I would so
What am I gonna do
What am I gonna say

The pressure's all I seem to know
A badly beaten case
Stretched me out and then let go

I finally passed the counting mark
Going too fast I only falter but
What do I have to say
What do I have to do

The pressure's all I seem to know
A badly beaten case
Stretched me out and then let go
Then snapped back into place
First you are and then you fail
and don't repeat again
That's not the way to win

I'm finding it sad I can't take off
And leave like a plane that never lifted
What am I gonna do
What am I gonna say

The pressure's all I seem to know
A badly beaten case
Stretched me out and then let go
Then snapped back into place
First you are and then you fail
and don't repeat again
That's not the way to win

Heave Ho

Written By: Terry McClain

Heave Ho

What would I be saying if I never would have opened my mouth
How could this be true if I was full of mud that comes from the south
I think this is hypocrisy mixed with pseudo-generosity
I'm counting to infinity, I fear to breathe, but I gotta blow

Heave Ho, ya got to Heave Ho

Misses with the riches got the eyes on me to come to her pad
Although I dressed in rags, she wants to tug me, take me home to her Dad
I made a good impression and now she keeps undressing
Now I'm in a suit and tie and her pops thinks I'm a nice guy

Ever over easy, I'm an over easy waiting to go
You could cure me with absurdity but I don't think that you are that bold
Now are you receiving the message I'm relaying
I'm counting to infinity, I fear to breathe but I gotta blow

The Longest Year

Written By: Terry McClain

The Longest Year

It was just the longest year or could have been
Took a long time to hurry up
It was such a poison dream of what could have been
Just a long time failing love
Who cares what everybody says if they don't
Takes a long time getting up
I could wait here if you don't want to leave
'Cause I can't think of letting go...

And you estranged your mind and now I feel I'm losing mine
Wild spirits moving and fighting and all their secrets choosing to find me

Even if this multiplies this is our year
Such a long time to hurry up
It was everybody's thing and then wasn't
It's a short time coming down
Roughened as it is some times, I know you want it better than it is
Safe enough at borderline, if it's not, then it won't birth your wings


Help Me Out - 2006

Airplay on WEQX 102.7 Manchester, VT
104.9 The Edge, Albany NY
91.5 WRPI, Troy, NY
810 WGY AM Albany
MUNT FM, Wellington, New Zealand

Songs from Help Me Out receiving airplay:
"No Answer," "Have To Say," "Heave Ho," & "The Longest Year"

Albany Amped Compilation 2006
Songs Featured: "Have To Say" & "The Longest Year"

Rock 2 Rebuild Compilation 2007
Song Featured: "Have To Say" (Acoustic Version)

Set List

Have To Say
Go Crazy
The Straw that Raped the Camel
Heave Ho
Wasted Blues
I'm A Jacket
You Got It Right
No Answer
Perfect Agony
The Longest Year
I Never Warned You
Sorry, I Wasn't Listening

45 minutes to an hour & 1/2- ALL ORIGINALS