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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
Rock Indie




"theguiltracket - Thuds and Grunts"

Based in Oklahoma City, theguiltracket make chaotic, lo-fi indie rock that seems determined to shock, or at least mildly stun. Spin "Shanon's Song", "Lonely Island" or "She Watches." - WLUR FM

"Rock-a-bye-baby show to benefit March of Dimes"

Who benefits?

The March of Dimes, which traces its roots back to its creation by Franklin D. Roosevelt, works to prevent birth defects, infant mortality and the growing problem of premature births. Their mission is “to help moms have full-term pregnancies and research problems that threaten the health of babies.”

The show, which starts at seven, will feature five local artists who have chosen to contribute to the cause. Josh Sallee, Somerset West, Good Morning Grizzly, Running from Tomorrow and the Guilt Racket will all perform. All proceeds from ticket sales will be donated, as well as a portion of merchandise profits.

The March of Dimes was founded by Franklin D. Roosevelt. Seen here is a card created for support of the organization.

“No better way to give back”

Bobby Reed, a member of the Guilt Racket and the organizer of the event, has chosen music as an avenue to raise awareness for what he deems a wonderful cause. “I love music, and there is no better way to give back,” he said. “The other bands are close with us, and they all really care about this cause.”

The event, which is the first, is one that Reed hopes will develop into an annual event. While not officially sponsored this year, the bands are hoping that the performance and its reception will lead to its recurrence in years to follow.

Tickets are $5 if purchased in advance, and $8 at the door. They can be purchased from members of the participating bands, as well as online or by calling the following number: (405) 213-6462.

“The event will be a great time,” performer Josh Sallee said. “People can expect to see really great bands, as well as quality hip-hop from me. I love to have a good time, and the people who come will love it as well.”

So spend a few hours and stop by; donate your time and money to give to an organization working to provide positive futures for the generations to follow our own.
- The Vista

"Saturday’s “Rock-a-bye-Baby” benefit concert."

Performing for a good cause is something in which Bobby Reed believes. His band, The Guilt Racket, will play along with four other artists in “Rock-a-bye- Baby,” a benefit concert to raise money for the March of Dimes, 7:30 p.m. Saturday at The Conservatory, 8911 N. Western.

Reed, a vocalist and guitarist for The Guilt Racket, said that he was happy to be involved with the planning of the show.

“I was looking for a way to help out and was approached about doing the concert to benefit March of Dimes,” he said. “It was perfect timing. We got a lot of great bands to participate.”

Taking the stage along with The Guilt Racket will be Josh Sallee, Good Morning Grizzly, Somerset West and Running from Tomorrow. Reed said all of the acts were more than willing to show up for the cause.

“All of the other bands were incredibly receptive,” he said. “Oklahoma has lots of generous and kindhearted people who are willing to help out when it comes to causes like this one. It should be a fun show.”

Tickets for “Rock-a-bye-Baby” are $5 in advance and $8 at the door. For more information, call 213-6462 or visit —Courtney Silva
- Oklahoma Gazette

"Brazeal balances Science, Art, and theguiltracket"

For Travis Brazeal, a junior majoring in biology, life is a balancing act between two opposite interests.

“I have a great interest in science, but I am also really passionate about music.”

Travis Brazeal, a junior majoring in biology, plays the bass guitar at a Guilt Racket practice. Brazeal has been playing music for ten years. (photo by Kathleen Wells)

Brazeal has been playing music ten years, and upon arrival at UCO was initially a music education major. “It all started in middle school band,” he said. “I used to play soccer when I was younger, but I gave that up for marching band.”

Brazeal is a Sapulpa native, and a 2008 graduate of the high school there. He is also the eldest in his family. While Brazeal is interested in science, he has many other hobbies.

“I play the bass guitar, I’ve been playing that for a year,” he said. “I also play the clarinet, the saxophone, some other instruments as well. I even sing.”

He adds that the members of his family are very artistic. “My grandmother is a piano player, my uncle plays the trumpet. My brother plays bass guitar, trumpet and piano; my sister plays saxophone and clarinet; my brother plays the drums.”

“My mother kept us all interested in the arts,” he said.

Brazeal notes that he was in his high school’s productions of “Grease”, “Seussical”, and “Little Shop of Horrors.”

He also enjoys a good read. “Right now I’m reading a few different books at the same time,” he said. “I am reading A Certain Chemistry, by Mil Millington. I’m also reading Plato’s Symposium.” One of Brazeal’s favorite novels is Lamb, by Christopher Moore.

“It’s the gospel according to Biff, one of Jesus’ childhood friends,” Brazeal said. “It tells the story of Jesus’ life according to his friends.”

Along with all these, Brazeal is also reading a book about the Holocaust.

“I also enjoy art,” he said. “I’ve been painting and drawing since I was five.”

“I created a woman out of a bust from a department store that doesn’t have a head, but I painted her face. That one is titled Day and Night.” Brazeal’s painting partner is his friend Hannah Hardy.

Brazeal plans to bridge the divide between science and art in a very interesting way:

“One of my next art projects is, I’m going to paint the periodic table.”

The Guilt Racket, formed in August of 2010, each holding one of Brazeal's works of art. The members are, from left to right: Travis Brazeal, Bobby Reed, Ethan Larsh, and Kris Lynch. (photo by Kathleen Wells)

Brazeal also has a painting of a hand, titled Old Love, as well as another titled Shape of Monster. He adds that both were created to go along with one of his favorite hobbies: songwriting.

“I am in a band called the Guilt Racket, and we all write music. We write individually, and then bring our music together to create what we think will be the most beautiful product.”

The Guilt Racket, as Brazeal explains, was formed in August of this year, and has since played a handful of shows. The quartet is as follows: Brazeal plays the bass and sings, UCO alum Bobby Reed plays the guitar, keyboards, banjo, and vocals; Kris Lynch plays the drums, and senior journalism major Ethan Larsh plays the keyboards, guitar, and sings.

“All our music is very personal,” Brazeal explains. “We write what we feel.”

The members have all been acquainted for some time. Brazeal and Larsh met through the Music department at the university, when both were music majors.

They describe the formation of the band as on a whim: the band’s members got together to jam one day, and decided to start up a band.

Brazeal notes that the band explores music of diverse backgrouds. “We play rock music with every song in a different genre,” he said. As his personal musical influences, Brazeal lists the Decemberists, the Shins, Brand New, and Modest Mouse as some personal favorites. He also enjoys the Beatles and Buddy Holly.

Larsh describes their sound a little differently. “Our songs are kinda different styles. They all kinda genre hop, but they’re all similar,” he said. “At the same time, we don’t spread ourselves thin, so I think it works. We just write what we feel.”

“I like to think of it as eclectic, really,” Larsh said.

The band has recently performed at VZD’s in northwest Oklahoma City, as well as Bad Granny’s Bazaar in the Plaza district of the city.

“We have quite a few shows coming in the month of November,” Brazeal said. “We’re playing at the Belle Isle Brewery on the second.”

The Guilt Racket will also be playing at UCO’s Chowning House on Thursday, Nov. 11th.

(photo by Kathleen Wells)

To add to the balancing act between school and extracurriculars, Brazeal also works as a waiter at theIguana Mexican Grill.

“I’ve been there for a year and two months, almost the longest job I’ve ever had,” he said. “The workload’s really heavy, but I like it there.”

The restaurant, a popular destination in Oklahoma City, definitely has its merits. - The Vista


Still working on that hot first release.



theguiltracket has seen many faces. Front-man bobby reed and an ever changing line-up of Southern musicians form this indie rock band The group recently released their full-debut, thuds and grunts. The album is currently being broadcast on over 200 CMJ radio stations, charting CMJ top 30 on many of those. Thuds and Grunts currently sits at #22 on the CMJ top 200.

In August of 2012 theguiltracket's "thuds and grunts" got picked up for licensing by Viacom for "Jersey Shore" and MTV for various programs including "Cribs", "My Super Sweet Sixteen" and "Parental Control."

theguiltracket sees international success with online sales, distribution, and internet streaming (Spotify, Pandora, etc.) Mostly, though, theguiltacket finds it success in the mid-west region including, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Arkansas, Alabama, Missouri.

Recently returning from a successful West Coast trip, theguiltracket is looking forward to their first SXSW showcase this year with radio promoters Tinderbox Music.