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"Live review February 2010"

"The Guilty Hands provided on-the-edge indie, powered by a mysterious malice and beautiful lyrics, leaving partygoers dumbfounded..." - Fashion.Music.Style magazine

"artrocker live review"

Sometimes all a band needs is the 50 yard stare. It’s the distant, crazed stare of a madman, a man who’s been down the rabbit hole… and brought some of it back with him. Well, this group have that for sure, and a lot more up their sleeve. Like a big bastard contradiction, they bounce between new wave spiky riffs and the kind of grand gestures that could send them to the superdomes. They also possess a Bowie-like ability to feel out hooks in the dark.

Rumour has it that Pete And The Pirates A&R peeps are lurking about tonight - and maybe they’re thinking what I’m thinking, that these chaps have “next”, “big” and “thing” transmitting from their teeth like some kind of coded alien message. Thankfully, that doesn’t mean that they sound like The Feeling. The music is driven by an underlying insecurity, which propels it onwards and upwards. Singer Gareth Moss (he of the 50 yard stare) lurches about like a glam rock scarecrow, high fiving all the notes that get spines tingling. Some of his falsetto moments can recall Matt Bellamy, but hopefully he’ll iron those into a more personal signature. Spiky riffs and complicated compositions are yadda yadda yadda these days - for most bands they’ve become mandatory requirements. But what The Guilty Hands have in their DNA is ideas - and they shoot ‘em out like fireworks. Catch them live, and you’ll catch a fiendish proposition. -

"Artrocker single review"

"A stadium chorus shorn of cheese, kung fu guitars in a hurry to get somewhere, and a confessional vocal that elevates the whole thing into great pop music" -

"Rhythm'n'Booze single review"

The Guilty Hands are a London basedrowdy indie rock four-piece who have received plenty of plaudits from the likes of Artrocker and Subba-Cultcha before their debut single has even dropped.

Gregory And The Birds should see the band consolidate their position of "ones to watch", their debut is a brilliant indie anthem that opens with an infectious beat before developing into a contagious sing-along hook-laden monster complete with chiming guitars and a catchier-than-a-bout-of-swine-flu chorus and vocal refrain that'll have indie fans across the globe uniting in song.

The B-side Upsticks proves the band are no one trick pony, as they deliver another corking anthem complete with lovely vocal harmonies, spiraling guitars and a chorus that's more addictive than coffee, sugar and any narcotic known to man (or insert your own addiction here if you prefer).

As introductions go, this single is pretty damn perfect, two great tracks that are instantly memorable and leave you gagging for your next encounter, The Guilty Hands could well be your new favourite band.
9/10 -

"The Beat Surrender single review"

Gregory & The Birds is the debut single from The Guilty Hands a four piece who sound like they have everything they’ll need in their locker to be a big success based on this release at least.

Released as a download only, it features soaring melodies and has a real pop sensibilty to it, without sounding obvious and trying too hard like The Feeling and Scouting For Girls, instead they go about things in a much more subtle fashion that allows the track to gradually get under your skin rather than be rammed down your throat.

Keepan eye on them, seriously they really could be set to soar. -


Gregory and the Birds - single released July 13th 2009.
Album "Desire on a Short Leash" currently in production. Release date and lead-off single TBC.
Track "Guilty Hands" included on free CD with issue 5 of Fashion.Music.Style magazine (distributed worldwide)



Welcome to The Guilty Hands and their little world. Here you'll find bony girls washing away their sins in a cramped bathtub, suspicious husbands keeping more than one eye on their wives, masochists begging their tormentor for another shot of unbearable bliss, and a hysterical mob delivering a fiery brand of justice to an undeserving defendant.

Digging into the repertoire of songs reveals a catalogue of criss-crossing vocal lines, chiming clocks, harmonies and handclaps, distant voices, desperate gasps and whispers. Since recently slimming down to a 3-piece, The Guilty Hands' sound has conversely expanded from their indie beginnings to something more adventurous - allowing in influences ranging from Kate Bush to Clor to PJ Harvey to Bowie. This is a band determined never to let their music become stale.

In 2009 The Guilty Hands were awarded £15,000 to record an album by investors at "slicethepie". They were first voted into a showcase by independent reviewers (from hundreds of competing bands), and then raised the money from fans and slicethepie users. The album is currently being recorded and will be released in summer 2010.