The Guilty Ones

The Guilty Ones


WITNESS!! The Guilty Ones!!!!! Liv, Jo, Oded and Manuel revivify the best of 60’s and 70’s and modern pop rock riddims, producing a unique and adventurous musical melange with a sound all of its own. Liv's voice will sweep through your soul; mellisonant, mellifluous; infused with amatory yearning; you’d follow her words down the darkest backstreet. They call, they promise, they deliver. The Guilty Ones are the musical superlative.


Based in London, The Guilty Ones have extensively been playing all the credible gigging circuits around the UK – after a fruitful studio sabbatical they are now ready to release their infectious new single ‘Conquer The World’ through Auditorius/BMG Chrysalis, home of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, FrankOcean, TameImpala and Bruno Mars. This track is just a small taste of what you can expect to hear from this great live band.

The Guilty Ones are being overseen and produced by the legendary Rupert Hine (Stevie Nicks,Tina Turner, Howard Jones, Underworld); co-produced by their guitarist Jo and Alex Beitzke (EdSheeran, Paul Weller, Foster The People, Jamiroquai) with the mastering being overlooked by Bob Ludwig (Radiohead, Guns'n'Roses, Madonna, Coldplay, Nirvana and BruceSpringsteen).

The single "Conquer The World" is taken from their forthcoming EP simply called ‘Conquer TheWorldEP‘, and iconic producers such as Dave Eringa (ManicStreet Preachers, Idlewild) and MikeCrossey (Arctic Monkeys, Razorlight) have already contributed to the bands various studio cuts.

James Dean Bradfield (Manic StreetPreachers, lead vocalist) got to hear The Guilty Ones laying down tracks in their studio. He then kindly offered them the use of the Manic’s string section and their North Wales studio complex where the 'Guilties' added some stunning string arrangements to a few of their tracks


Single- " Conquer the World " - Released 28/7/13

E.P- " Conquer the World Ep" - Release date : 9/13

"Conquer the World" single is on rotation on multiple UK radio stations.