The Guitar Zeros

The Guitar Zeros


We've repurposed ordinary Guitar Hero video game controllers and turned them into real shredding axes. We are a dummer, singer, and 2 controllers (guitar and bass). From solid riffs to blazing solos, we use our tech chops to breathe new life into the raw rock of the 70s ala Sabbath, The Stooges, etc


Formed in February 2007, Owen Grace rallied his old bandmates around a new concept - turning the Guitar Hero controllers into instruments... real, live, playable, baddass axes.

Grace finished the first version of his software after 2 months, and the band began to write songs and rehearse for shows.

The software, named "Fretbuzz", is available online for free - open source style:

Since June of 2007, there have been over 100,000 views of their video interview on YoutTube, and over 10,000 downloads of the software that Grace put online.

July 2007 - The Guitar Zeros featured in "Weird Band Alert" column in Blender mag.

November 2007 - Hotbird EP was released, featuring 6 rocking tracks recorded in San Francisco.

The band continues to play out and around San Francisco, and looks to book some small tours up and down the west coast, and perhaps elsewhere! The future is looking bright for us and we're all pumped and primed for whatever opportunities arise!


Hotbird EP (2007) - some tracks streamable online (official website, myspace, CDbaby, iTunes, etc). "Hotbird" has received airplay on KUSF in San Francisco and internet radio stations.

Set List

Typically, we play short, powerful sets. At 30-40 minutes, we aim keep our audience hungry, not over-fed, so they leave wanting more.

We often start out testing our controller/instruments, igniting curiosity within the audience. They see what we're doing, hear the sounds we're making, and begin to glue the two together in their heads as we gel into an improvised warmup... Ryan addresses the crowd, introduces the first song and we drive the improvisation into our first rock number. The show has begun...

Typical song list:
1. Intro improv... blend into...
2. Never
3. At the Beach
4. El Guitarro Bizarro
5. Lost (For You)
6. The O.G.
7. Devil
8. Hotbird finale!