The Gulls

The Gulls

 Narragansett, Rhode Island, USA

The music of The Gulls is pure indie-pop perfection; harmonizing vocals, sizzling leads, explosive percussion, and a glaze of synth. Hailing from the shores of Rhode Island, this band of birds plays the music they grew up listening to; from late ‘90s to early ‘00s lovable radio rock. Fronted by Ryan Basso and Charles Iwuc, the band strives to flawlessly blend polished instrumentation with the touch of crude lyrics. Performing for friends has always been a priority for the band; whether it be in


Formed in January of 2010, The Gulls are an acoustic folk band from Narragansett, Rhode Island. Originally comprised of lead vocalist, Ryan Basso, and lead guitarist and vocalist, Charles Iwuc, they spent several months writing and composing when the third Rhode Island native, Jordan Douglass, took the roll as drummer. In May of 2010 the band recorded their debut album 'Anchor' in Philadelphia, which consisted of seven original songs. ANCHOR was released on iTunes in early August, and featured two singles, "Pirates" and "Oatmeal".

In the May of 2011, the band released their first LP entitled CABANA, which features the singles "Endicott," "Sorry Mama," & "Gold Wars." Since the release, they have recorded several music videos and live videos to promote the album.

Summer 2012 marks the release of their Mini-EP, DRUGS. DOGS. GUNS. This EP was recording in only three days with producer John Naclerio (My Chemical Romance, Brand New, The Forecast), and transitions their sound from acoustic to electric. Each track is equally catchy and aggressive. The band decided to give their fans a little preview of their new sound with the help of this Mini-EP. 

Currently, The Gulls have finished the recording their new EP, NUDE BEACH, and it is set to be released summer 2014.


Anchor EP with 'Pirates' & 'The Runway'.
Recorded at Studio A & B in Philadelphia, PA.
Produced by Mike Milas & The Gulls.
Released in May 2010.

Cabana LP with 'Endicott', 'Sorry Mama', & 'Gold Wars'.
Recorded at The Office in North Andover, MA.
Produced by Mike Moschetto & The Gulls.
Released in May 2011.

Drugs. Dogs. Guns. Mini EP with 'One For Me', 'Julianne', & 'False Hope'.
Recorded at Nada Recording Studio in New Windsor, NY.
Produced by John Naclerio & The Gulls. 
Released in May 2012.

Nude Beach EP with 'Mayboline' & 'Throw Me A Bone'.
Recorded at Seagull Studios in Boston, MA.
Produced by Charles Iwuc & The Gulls. 
Released by Summer 2014.