The Gumbo

The Gumbo

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The Gumbo is a fusion of style and flavors that makes your hip hop head bobble to tango and swing to jazz. Part acid, part rock, three parts funk - The Gumbo doesn't do everything, but you wouldn't know that if we hadn't told you.


The Gumbo started as a mixture of live instrumentation and hip hop. Influenced by groups like: The Beastie Boys, The Roots, K-Os, BB King, Santana, Brother Ali. The emcees originate from upstate New York (the ADKs), and musicians hail from Los Angeles. What sets The Gumbo apart from the rest, is the fusion of all music of interest (aside from country and techno).


Get off My...
Way She Goes

Set List

45-50 minute set. around 8 songs including: Way She Goes, Get Off My..., Everybody, Buzz Killington, Waiting, The Jam, Think of It, Right Now, Teacher Teacher