The Gunpowder Treason

The Gunpowder Treason


Brutal Fast-Paced Hardcore


These passionate and dedicated young men have been working vigorously at writing solid songs and developing a live show which could be officiated by a professional wrestling referee. Giving it all they have every time they play, The Gunpowder Treason has not lost sight of what really inspires them to step on stage.

Passion cannot be fabricated. Every day, we are given challenges and trials that test our passions. Sooner or later, those true passions blossom to become larger than anything we could have imagined. Some people are born to be doctors, teachers, and others lawyers. We're all here to fulfill a different purpose. The Gunpowder Treason's passionate purpose is to create music that not only gives kids something to dance to, but also inspires people to live differently from the rest of the world!

And thus, take a deep breath and brace yourself... get ready for The Gunpowder Treason to change the way you look at hardcore.


The Grave, The Orchard

Written By: The Gunpowder Treason

You said this is cold-blooded murder
This is cold-blooded murder

You’ve roamed deep into the wilderness
Too far to tell which way would bring you back

Find the Trail
That leads to an Orchard

You say this is cold-blooded murder
You say

This forest is dry, with branches that break in the wind
But, Even these bones
Can be covered once again
Oh My God oh God
Where am I, where am I going
Why do I wait when my hope is in you
My hope is in you

He still loves you
No matter what you do
Stop running to signs of darkness
The light will set you free
Let Him take you back
You’ll be carried inside the wind
Just close your eyes, run past the forest

Start running
Start running
Start running out

Stop running to signs of thunder
The light will set you free
Get caught up on the wind with a whisper
Close your eyes

A Story of Redemption

Written By: The Gunpowder Treason

I am alone
In a place where
There is no light
To cast a shadow

If you could see me now
You would see an empty man
You would see a Dying man
But ohhhhh (repeat)

God find the Grace
to make me whole again(x3)

By his grace I’m made whole again

Cast out this darkness, show me the light
Strike down these demons, I long to fight (x3)
By His blood, we've won this fight

I was so lost
In the shadows
You pulled me out
Of all those holes

Fill my soul to overflowing
Show my empty heart the light
Set this longing soul in motion
Help me win in this dark fight

*To you Oh Lord, I lift my soul
Oh God in you I trust

When i was all alone
When i was stripped of all i had
No pride, no sense of worth
Then i remembered your peace
your mercy
your steadfast love

Take me back
Allow me to crawl back

I can't live like this anymore
I can't live on my own*


To Those Ready (2007)

Set List

A typical set is anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes, but are available for longer sets.
Set List:
A Battle For My Beloved
A Story of Redemption
To Those Ready, Take Arms
Don't Leave the House Without Me, Sweetie
The Grave, the Orchard
And it All Crumbled Down