Guns of Navarone

Guns of Navarone

 Austin, Texas, USA

Melody driven alt-country/Americana-rock drowning in whiskey-soaked harmonies. Guns of Navarone combines folk sensibilities with country grit and indie-rock grammar. We like to think of ourselves as "The Replacements of the South."


Guns of Navarone is a band of old souls at first listen, and they play songs about frustration and paranoia, arrogance and pride, the heartbroken and lustful, youth and it's ever-diminishing presence. Starting as a band in the summer of 2009, they have been playing steadily ever since. They've covered Austin and the surrounding areas, playing venues on Red River, the East Side, downtown, and have ventured to other major cities in Texas. They played SXSW 2012, SXSW 2013, appeared on the second episode of the Good Music Club, have been featured prominently on KUT and KVRX, and have played featured shows and music series for KUT, KGSR, 101X, and KVRX.

Guns of Navarone are creating a sound that is largely representative of Austin itself, and they're working hard to build on that momentum and that ideal. If you listen close enough, you'll probably hear splinters of Uncle Tupelo, Old 97's, The Replacements, Whiskeytown, Lucero, and Wilco. Melody drives their songs, and country bravado gives them their swagger. They are young men embracing the pleasantries and difficulties of the journey towards becoming old men, and how one might make some sort of sense out of that process.

They are currently in the studio working on their second full-length album, set to be released in the Fall of 2013.



Written By: Cory Reinisch

Tied a dream to the bed post to watch it breathe.
The future is fairly twisted, too much credit tied to memory.
You pass out on my floor, there's a cross that hangs above your head with the thoughts we've had before.

Oh, I want to make something, even though I came from nothing.

The architects cast shadows out on the streets.
The poets sit by candlelight and cut their hearts to bleed.
Someone asks me, "Where's your control?"
It up and walked out with innocence a long time ago.

Oh, I wanna make something, even though I came from nothing.
So pardon me and the way I make this life of consequence.

Before it's all over, make sure you have your say.

I Am Taking You Tonight

Written By: Cory Reinisch

When there's nothing left to do, the only thing to do is self-destruct, downtown, I'm stumbling around, and trying to catch your eye.
They're singing songs of faith, but we can walk with fate down Allen Street and unfold, melodies rolled, and we could let it be.

I'm gonna take you all the way tonight.

Please don't leave with him tonight. He wants you to wear his ring, but I'll unwind, I'll cross the line, and I'll make an awful scene.
Just give me a moments time, and I'll wrap this night up with an exit your way. Your smile explodes and your secrets are always safe.

I'm gonna take you all the way tonight.

The patterns of your hair are falling in a way I've never seen. I don't know what happened to you. Can you tell me what happened to me?

Can you tell me what drew you in? What the hell is so great about him? I don't see. If he's your head, then why are you here with me? We slide in and out of change, but nobody ever really changes. And you? You never change, and I'm sure you'll vanish soon.

I'm gonna take you all the way tonight.

The Clever Men of Manor Farm

Written By: Cory Reinisch

Don't listen to the words you're hearing in the halls of strong conviction now. It might make sense now. But can you hear the horns, they're singing? Out loud for the mighty men you know , but they don't know.
That it's a long way to fall, and they're not really men at all.

Riot of contempt on the horizon. Where foreign winds take you. Turning into arching storms, we fly through the night. Where discordant words ring true. Mistaken sides pour into the night to save their lives.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Written By: Cory Reinisch

We're long overdue for fractured peace. As they stare straight through the empty glass. While he pulls a revolver from the desk and yells, "It's over!" Hollow threats point the barrel at his head.

Hope hangs loose in a sister's fear too young to wake up to the swell and strain of 30 years in hell. She's not really asking for much, because it's so sad when you hate the one you love.

They grow 'em cold up there.

Paranoia takes the mind, while surveillance serves as passing time. No matter what prescriptions are filled, you won't feel anything when you realize that you won't ever leave. I'm caught in the arch of a cold blank stare. She's looking back at me from nowhere. She says, "We're all holding our breath." Cause it's so sad when you hate the one you love.

They grow 'em cold up there.

There's so much buried where it shouldn't be, that nothing ever reaches light. You can't blame the righteous for the cowardly. While temptation breaks a family.

They grow 'em cold up there.

I Bid You Farewell

Written By: Cory Reinisch

In the light of truth, we stand before you. Loose cannons with shaky hands. Sober by morning, through our self-loathing, because the prodigal youth lament their sins. Some say moral conscience has evaporated. I'm afraid we don't see it that way. Cause in the late night hours we stagger forward, looking out and up for a better place. The steps we take away from you aren't with our feet, they're with our heads. We're naked, dirty, and too far gone. They said we'd end up this way. They say we're all insane.

So if you venture this way, come expecting a mess, cause every fool has a song. This makeshift virtue is truly painful. Judged for all that we've done wrong. This lost generation can't live forever. Marked by doubts and fears unlaced. With dust in our teeth and whiskey in our eyes, we have no idea where our limits lay. That's why they say we're all insane.


SINGLES (EP) - 2010
Recorded and mixed at Test Tube Audio by Kevin Butler
Mastering by Saff Mastering

Recorded and mixed at Premium Recording by Michael Landon and Chris James
Mastering by Saff Mastering

"I Am Taking You Tonight"
"Winnipeg, Manitoba"
- all playing on rotation at KUT (currently), and also playing on KVRX

Guns of Navarone songs can also be streamed live via the band’s website, Spotify, Bandcamp, ReverbNation, Myspace, iTunes, and pages:

Set List

Sets typically run 45 minutes to an hour long with 10 to 12 songs each set. However, we've played shows up to 3 hours long before.

You Used To Be
Bob Dylan's 78th Hangover
I Am Taking You Tonight
Prayers On a Ledge
The Moscow Patriots
Ave! Morituri Te Salutant
Winnipeg, Manitoba
I Killed Laura Palmer
To Those Who Deal In Extremes
Put It To Rest
How To Turn a Rival
Upstage on the Front Page
Gatsby Did It All For a Girl
Born Bloody
America’s New Darlings
The Least of These