The Guts

The Guts


The Guts play an undeniable blistering and brand of Punk Pop in the vein of Green Day or The Mr. T Experience. Remember when you used to hear a band and you'd say "Who the F%$# is that?!!" Well, if you don't, see The Guts. Any Rock music loving human with a pulse cannot resist.......


In the winter of 1999 The GUTS formed in Portsmouth, NH. After brief stints as hired guns on numerous Canadian and US tours with bands such as The Queers, The Nobodys, Useless Fucks etc., boredom threatened to overtake them. The members commenced working on their own material. Armed with Gibson guitars, a small warehouse room, and a case of beer, the band was born.

Make no mistake, the NH punk scene is legendary, having spawned such international favorites as GG Allin, The Bruisers, The Queers, Sinkhole. Even Al Barr Lead Singer of The Dropkick Murphy's is from right here in Portsmouth,NH. Now, The Guts are poised to carry the torch in 2005.

Look for a new full length CD from the band, as well as their first foray into national touring in early 2005. The Guts will not be denied! If you are a fan of good Rock and Roll, of bands that get your adrenaline pumping from the first chord, you are already a fan of The Guts........

The Guts were asked by The Dropkick Murphy's to play the last of a 10 show sold out run at Boston's legendary Avalon.

Geoff and Rick backed up Joe "Queer" King as members of The Queers.


2004 - So What? (Death Before Dishes)
2003 - Say Goodbye to Fun (Spiderbite Records)
2003 - "Kick 'em While They're Down Vol. 2"
(Goblin Records)
2002 - The Sensitive Side of... (self released)

Set List

90 minutes of original material supplemented by covers the band sees fit to cover at it's discretion.