Straight-up rockers who write music about everyday life. Real rock music that appeals to the everyday person who can relate to things and/or events that occur in their everyday lives. The music allows fans to slip away from the 9 to 5 and and get crazy every once and a while. Kick ass rock!


JUST AWARDED * 2009 ROCK GROUP OF THE YEAR * for the second year in a row.

* Cover of May2008 issue PULSE magazine*

winners @ the 2008 NMA's



Here's the deal-The Guv'nor Generals are a straight-up dirty rock band that hail from an historic seaway and industrial town in Southern Ontario known for its blue collar roots and lift bridges. World-renowned for its canals and situated in the heart of the Niagara Region, Welland is where they call home.

The band formed in early 2006 and has been rocking select Ontario venues and festivals ever since. Winning the Rock category in Toronto's Independent Music Festival in the Fall of that same year, and recently picking up the "Rock Group of the Year" award at the 2008 NMA's the band has propelled their live show to a level where the fans embrace their dirty-rock sound along with their kick-ass attitude.

The Guvs feed off of the crowd and enjoy interaction with the fans; fans who've been dubbed 'Soldiers of The Guv'nor Generals Army'. Simply, they rock, and rock out hard. It's about the show, the night, the fans, and of course the Hell Yeahs!

With their debut album release in May of (2008), members Charles Horse, Greg Zack, Kevin Patrino and Damien Smith believe their journey will take them far beyond the



Quttin' time

Written By: The Guv'nor Generals( Charles Horse)

(VRS 1)
I can feel the heat from the mill, rollin pipe down the line.

And the sparks of a flash fire wind, gettin left behind.

If the sonic paints no signs, I can take my time.

When the shells come tumblin down, everything is fine.


Oh.....I'm leavin here tonight,

Right on time I'll ask you to be,

but even if my spell man is fallin behind,

Tell the foreman I'm leavin here.

It's Quittin time.

( VRS 2)

I get a piece of mind, waiting for that time.

Ready to run he'll call, then thats my sign.

With the sound of a saw kickin in,
open weld so wide.

But I know that it's on it's way, to the other side.


Livin Alright

Written By: The Guv'nor Generals ( Charles Horse)

(VRS 1)

The rumblin over head, says it right on time.

It's about that time of day baby when it's, all on the line.

Open the front door and I'm gonna, step out side.

Only to find what I've been, tryin to hide.


I guess it's time I turn my life around,

I never wanted it this way,

I know my days are numbered somewhere down the road,

It's my life until I die...........

I'm Livin alright.

( VRS 2)

It was late one night, I was losing control,

And then she showed up and was looking to score,

I open the front door and she came inside,

come on baby give me something that you just can't hide.

( REPEAT CHORUS x 2 ) and solo.

The Station

Written By: The Guv'nor Generals ( Charles Horse)

( VRS 1 )

my train has left the station, you wont be seeing me no more,

I gave you no indication, and I left without a dought on my mind.

( VRS 2)

Well I hear she has a reputation, for leaving at any time,

It's the same old situation, I'm running and I'm trying to hide.


It's harder than a chip on my shoulder,

leaving baby can't you see,

I'm tired and I'm getting older,

and time isn't waitin on me.

( VRS 3 )

Well I got me here an invitation,
and can't let it pass me by,

There wont be no conversation,
don't make me have to tell you one more time.

( Repeat Chorus x2) to the end.


**Official album release on May 10th 2008**..a 9 track disc of pure rock from the deep South of the North...

****NEW**** check out Live concert video as well as Video Bio's on THE GUV'NOR GENERALS AT..

Set List

1) The Station (3:30)
2) For the Record ( 3:41)
3) Mess I'm in ( 3:41)
4) Gotcha Running ( 3:57)
5) Southern Lines ( 4:18)
6) She Don't Mind. ( 4:11 )
7) Cigarettes & Wine (3:31)
8) Living Alright. ( 3:31 )
9) Quitting Time ( 3:47)
10)City Hall( 4:11)
11) Stand Up ( 3:58)