The Guystorm

The Guystorm


Bass driven post-punk that causes uninhibited fits of dance. The high energy live show results in crowds of drunk, sweaty masses of people, uncontrollably lost in the moment. Loud, piercing guitars and singalong vocals accompany the dirty basslines, with 4 on the floor drums kicking you in the ass!


The Guystorm grew up in a time when there was a plethora of terrible punk bands that played all ages shows all the time. These shows were in houses, VFW Halls, churches, and occasionally at music venues. Kids would go to these shows and have the time of their lives, often leaving tired, sore, injured, without a voice, and drenched in sweat. Well the Guystorm is playing this show, every time they play. The major difference is the people in the crowd aren't middle school kids, stoners or dudes with spiked anything.
The guystorm is destroying bars all over Minneapolis, leaving the crowds of people looking around asking "What the fuck just happened?" Just as the music stops, these people find themselves embarrassed, having let their guard down for a short time in which music made them act without thinking. They quickly revert back to their usual selves; a sorry facade, artificially stoic and reserved. Suddenly unimpressed, these people offer up their opinions about the music.
"It isn't intelligent."
"It's party music. Nothing more."
"Their singer sucks."
"Every song sounds the same."
Another thing happens just as the music stops. Reality sets in. These people realize that they have to go back to their depressing lives, to their dead end jobs, to their tired routines. For the members of The Guystorm, it is no different. When the music's over, they have to go back to their tired routines. No, their music isn't what everyone wants it to be. It isn't beautiful. It's not melodic or sensible. It's exactly what they want it to be. It's the only thing worth doing.


Sex & Drugs & Money/Turn Out the Lights split single, both songs are regularly played on 89.3 the Current, on Minneapolis FM radio. The Guystorm - The Guystorm (5 song ep) "Heart of Grass" is played regularly on 89.3 The Current in Minneapolis FM Radio.

Set List

All Originals 35 min

We Are the Corporation
Count on Us
The Economy Needs You
Sex & Drugs & Money
Turn Out the Lights
Heart of Grass
Real Big Business
Meet Black Singles
Bryant's House