The Gypsies

The Gypsies


The Gypsies are an independent four-piece from Halifax, NS. These four gents come together to create beautifully instrumentated music ranging from soft-hearted strawberry pop to wolf-howlin', sword-fightin' Epicurean Shuffles.


The foundation of the Gypsies began in the halls of Dalhousie University where guitarists and singers Dan and Jeremy met while living in residence. Dan, coming from a predominantly blues and rock background was taken by Jeremy's folk styled acoustic playing. As a chemical engineering and philosphy student, respectively, the two talked on subjects varying from Kante to hydrocarbons. Jeremy then introduced Dan to longtime friend and fellow philosopher Michael. Never having played before, Michael was enamored with the prospect of taking the poetry and other writings all three have done over the years and giving them new life within their music and purchased his bass guitar and immediately began practicing. With each contributing their own styles with influences as ranged as The Beatles to the Libertines and the Strokes to Animal Collective, the Gypsies recorded several demo tracks in bedrooms across Halifax which would later become known as the Holiday EP.

Then, during a summer on Prince Edward Island, the fourth element of the band, drummer Aaron Turner, was brought into the fold. Performing their first concert at Brennan's Pub in Charlottetown, this new energy and vibrancy Aaron introduced into the sound with his modern rock and punk styles was apparent and from there the band has continued to fine tune the balance of styles that makes their sound so distinctive.

That December, the band began the process of creating music, recording it, losing files, finding files, and filling out forms in triplicate. Almost a year later, their debut full-length album "Modern Love" became available on November 27th, 2007. The band has managed to cram fourteen tracks clocking seconds shy of 35 minutes onto plastic for your aural pleasures. Getting underway with a tribute to local guitar luthier, For Harvey lulls you into a false sense of security before Fraser's First Communion pummels you with beats so heavy you need a fork-lift to carry them. From there you are taken on a trip out of town with The Country Song, then around the world with Christopher Columbus through mountain scapes, holy sands, to bathroom stalls, and all the way back again to finish off with a final dance party in Last Chance. Enjoy.


Fraser's First Communion

Written By: The Gypsies

no white man with a crucifix
is gonna pour hot oil all over my innocence
I’ve been trying for quite a while
but if it’s Sunday morning, I’ll go out in style

I don’t wanna go
but if you really want to
I said I guess so

her white dress is tenderness
and I’d kill to be that cross upon her chest
and you’d better not stand in my way old man
cause I’ll hurt you bad, and it’ll be for the best

primitive and basic boy
your willingness is a point for the enemy
and the way I want her, boy
it’s a measure of my dysfunctionality


Written By: The Gypsies

Kasey, everybody’s worried about
the way you only look at everything like it was
another car ride downtown to see the pretty lights
but I don’t wanna be the one to find you in the morning on the
outside of some shitty Queen Street shack
with a blond girl at your collar and the corner at your back
everybody’s worried ‘bout the way you cut your hair
you know how we always kinda saw you like you’re out there on the
far side of conversation in these walls
and on those right kind of wrong timing early morning calls
your voice is like a whisper and your words are like a game
but no one else is playing it and everyone is saying saying

Kasey, I don’t wanna see you lying on the back seat
don’t wanna see you lying on the back seat of my car, head full of shooting
severed beats are in your heart, slowly streaking in the dark

Kasey call me faithful to the things that you hate
but it’s been different on this island since you gave yourself away
I know you can’t pretend at being something that your not
but you know how the winter is and every day in summer’s fuckin’
hot out, and you’re the type who easily burns
and yeah I’d tell you it’s your bridges, but I can’t be really sure
I know we said there’s always room for being all mistaken
but you took that kinda literal and now I guess you’re feeling sort of
archaic, underneath your pill-bottle bones
and on those left thinkin’ dead drinkin’ evenings all alone
your mother always calls me with a quiver on the line
she’s always asking all of us to say it one more time, to say it

Christopher Columbus

Written By: The Gypsies

Oh the human race is not much of a race (after all)

And if it is I don’t care, no really no I don’t care (not at all)

Sometimes I wish it just were just like in the pictures (where there’s love)

And I wish I could remember my lyrics from December but (it’s the drugs)

Oh the human race is not much of a race (after all)

And if it is I don’t care, no really no I don’t care (not at all)

So please forgive me daddy I woke up Tender Abby (it’s my fault)

She was sleeping when it happened we were wrapped in plastic (we called it love)

My Heart's in the Backyard

Written By: The Gypsies

My Heart’s in the Backyard

If you’re on planet earth let me know

The Abegweit explosion

Draws circles and hearts into the ocean

Our souls and we bark and we bark

A starboard expression like a drop in the dark

Right back to the start – to the start

So go on and get the kids but keep them under control

Tell them there’s no need for commotion

What causes a shivering emotion

Our souls in the stars in the stars

So elegantly I see we’re drifting apart

Right back to the start

My heart’s in the backyard

My heart’s in the backyard

*Clap your hands and put your hands upon me

*Clap your hands and put your hands upon me

*Did you want to dance?


Holiday EP - 2007
Modern Love (LP) - 2007

Set List

Ideally sets will be 1 hour. Songs range in length from 3-5 minutes. With one full length album and one EP, and more songs being written for a new album, there is a lot of material to be drawn from with an ever changing set list. A typical show would include:

Fraser's First Communion
Say That You'll Never Leave
I'm Not Foolin'
The Underground
Modern Love
Stay Low
The Country Song
Mountain Man
Junkie with a Method
Christopher Columbus