The Gypsys

The Gypsys

 Edmonton, Alberta, CAN

Rock and Roll is floundering, the market's divided into too many subgenres and there's no faith in mainstream radio. The Gypsys are determined to change this. Hearkening back to a time when men were men and rock and roll meant something The Gypsys embody the ineffable, the buzz that keeps rock alive


Hailing from Sherwood Park, Alberta, the Gypsys have come to liberate rock n' roll from its modern-day shackles. With their stoneheavy groove and resurrection sound The Gypsys are a cause to believe in: "Holy shit! These guys can rock. One time their Vanagon burst into flame en route to a gig, holding up traffic for 3km. I picked em up, drove em to the show, and they delivered the payload... I'd never heard anything like it, but a stoned teenager said 'they sound like sex feels.' Graphic, I know, but the kid had a point."-Chuck Rivers

It’s hard to determine how long the band has been around for; in a way, it’s like they’ve always been around. “We like to think of our music as a transcendent experience,” said guitarist Kerry Hirsch. “It’s just like, sometimes when we play we tap into forces that are greater than us, beyond our control; and the audience senses this, pressing us on to greater heights, and when that happens a unity occurs; no longer are audience and band divided, but merged. We are the Walrus.”
Pretty heavy stuff, but heavy is what these guys do. “Well, not always,” said singer Allen Meek. “There’s quite a variety between the songs and dynamic within them. It’s always rock and roll at heart, but there are elements of reggae, metal, blues…It’s tough to pin down.”
“One thing’s for sure,” said Kyle Short, the bass player, “the ladies always have a good time. And if we can learn anything from Viv Savage, it’s to have a good time all the time.”
Brent Clark, the drummer, was silent. “Oh don’t worry about him,” said Meek. “He’s under heavy sedation. The man suffers from a bad heart; but don't worry, we've got plenty of medicine."


We released a self-titled CD under our original name "Valhalla" about 5 years ago. Now we're the Gypsys with a self-titled 4-song demo.

Set List


Kaleidoscopic Disease
I'm in the Mood
Dread Apocalypse
Blood Sisters
Swamp Donkey
Sea of Misfortune


Superstition-Stevie Wonder
Green Manalishi-FleetwoodMac
Rattlesnake Shake- Fleetwood Mac
Stone Free-Hendrix
Foxy Lady-Hendrix
No Quarter- Zeppelin
Running- Baby Huey
Dirt-The Stooges
Rama Lama-The MC5
House of the Rising Sun- The Animals
On the Hunt- Skynrd
And many more..