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Springfield, Virginia, United States | MAJOR

Springfield, Virginia, United States | MAJOR
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"DC Band Finds the “Right Kind of Lovin’” in Tribeca"

By Eve Sullivan
Entertainment Reporter
International Press Release

DC Band Finds the “Right Kind of Lovin’” in Tribeca

October 1, 2013 (New York City) – The Gypsy Sons, an original rock band from Washington, D.C., have hit it big with two mega hits.

The Sons have two songs off of their Spectra Records debut, “Whiskey and the Devil,” featured in the blockbuster “Deadfall” and attended the movie’s premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City recently.

“It was truly amazing to be a part of something this big,” bass player John Gies said. “We know we have something special, but it’s nice to see that others are starting to think so as well.”

As guests of Magnolia Pictures, Gies and guitarist Johnny “The Hammer” Aguon attended the April 22 premiere at the BMCC Theater where they walked the red carpet with the movie’s stars Eric Bana, Olivia Wilde and Kate Mara.

Inside, the bandmates sat in VIP seating and watched the thriller - about a brother and sister on the lam after robbing a casino - waiting to hear their songs. During a bar scene about 45 minutes into the film, they heard “Sweet Soul Sunshine” and “Right Kind of Lovin’.”

“This is an exciting time for us,” Aguon said. “We’ve come a long way, slowly building our reputation as a grind-it-out band and folks are taking notice.”

Gies and Aguon headed to Abe and Arthur’s in Chelsea for an after party with some of the film’s producers, cast and director Stefan Ruzowitzky. “Deadfall” is due out in U.S. theaters in December and subsequently worldwide.

The Gypsy Sons are an edgy quartet that is creating rock, blues and country music and defining a new route to success in the music industry. They’ve cut their teeth in dive bars from New York to Nashville en route to becoming a success story in a music scene that caters mostly to cover bands or a hipster culture that snubs good old-fashioned rock and roll.

The Sons have tasted some success on the big stage, as they’ve already performed to large crowds in major venues, opening for Jason Aldean, Chris Young and Johnny Winter to name just a few.

This band has been compared to such influences as Aerosmith, The Beatles, The Eagles and Doyle Bramhall II thanks to their diverse musical style and trade-offs in vocal duties. They are all about inspiring and connecting with their audience and their career is lifting off since inking a major label deal with Spectra Records who released their 10 song rock and roll opus, "Whiskey And The Devil," produced by Gary Tharp, Sam Tate and Pat Holt, Worldwide on Tuesday May 7th, 2013.

- Eve Sullivan - Eve Sullivan - International Press Release

"Holy Sh*t Batman!"

"HOLY SH*T…..THIS SOUNDS AMAZING!!!" - Lisa Linder (Senior Director New Media & Digital Strategy Universal Motown/Universal Republic)
- Lisa Linder - Senior Director New Media & Digital Strategy Universal Motown/Universal Republic

"Skynyrd meets Seattle!"

"Seriously cool stuff! Skynyrd meets Pearl Jam or something and trippy too!" - Gary Tharp (Record Producer)
- Gary Tharp (Producer)

""Live" at Sonor in Baltimore"

The Gypsy Sons "Live" at Sonor in Baltimore

The Gypsy Sons are a staple in the DC rock scene. As they took the stage it was clear that they meant business… they were there to rock out, and it was up to us whether or not we wanted to join in on their fun. These boys are the real deal—they’ve got the musicianship, song writing skills, and stage presence to rock out with the best of them. If you think I’m joking ponder this… they have a charter bus come and pick them and their fans up before select shows so they can party on the way. Genius… pure genius. They have a new album coming out before the end of the year and if this inspiring live performance is any indication then it’s going to be a hit. I have a sneaking suspicion the new material is going to make you want to hold up your lighter as you sway back and forth wherever you may be listening to it.

- - District Of Sound

"Not another Nickelback knockoff!"

"The Gypsy Sons are a kick ass, world class rock and roll band with great songs. They have a completely original sound that I am very excited about...Amazing!"

- Beau Hill (Mega Platinum Record Producer) - Beau Hill (Mega Platinum Record Producer)

"The Hammer Returns!"

"I love the disc and it's great to hear The Hammer back on vocals!"

"The Wizard of Oz says:"

“Great Songs! The band is better than ever, I especially love the new the sound! A much more focused effort this time out. Don't be suprised when you start seeing and hearing them all over radio and television. You must catch 'em live, you will not be disappointed!”

"April 13th 2007 The Gypsy Sons tear up Fast Eddies Fairfax, VA"

What a shock it was to stroll into FE's tonite and see a room full of greasy bikers rubbing elbows with yuppies bumping into hot college chicks doing belly shots with a bunch of rowdy pool sharks at this otherwise mellow pool hall/blues room, and what a hell-uva sound coming from that power trio up on stage! The Hammer, lead singer and guitar slinger, looks like a cross between John Redcorn, Elvis and Chris Cornell. He sings like the dude from The Black Crowes and plays his guitar like Jimi Hendrix on Jack, not Acid. Bassman, Tommy Ray and drummer Crash Fistfite are probably the best rock and roll groove section since Double Trouble and they sing like larks to boot. These handsome boys had all the girls going wild and all the boys bopping along all night. They are the real deal. They got me wanting to "Fly Away To A New Kind Of World" with them!! Go see The Gypsy Sons Sons locally while you still can! ASAP!

- Michael J. Smithsonian Esq.- Springfield News and Entertainment

"US Army Approved!"

"Me and the whole damn battalion are listening to the new album "The Greatest Moment" for about the 20th time in a row! It is incredible!" - 2LT Dan Stankus - US ARMY : INFANTRY


For all inquiries please contact:

Bobby Collins
Director of Operations
Spectra Music Group

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THE GYPSY SONS are a hot, powerful, hard-working, rock n’ roll machine! With lyrics like “I never made it on my own and we'll never make it alone,” it is obvious from the jump that this band is all about inspiring and connecting with their audience. And their career is lifting off as well. They just inked a major label deal with Spectra Records who released their 10 song rock and roll opus, "Whiskey And The Devil," produced by Gary Tharp, Sam Tate and Pat Holt, Worldwide on Tuesday May 7th, 2013.

They recently recorded Sam's "Thanks To You," a tribute to our American soldiers, in Nashville. They also have two songs, "Sweet Soul Sunshine" and "Right Kind Of Lovin'" featured in the action/thriller “Deadfall” starring Eric Bana, Olivia Wilde, Charlie Hunnam, Kris Kristofferson and Sissy Spacek on DVD, Blu-Ray and OnDemand.

JOHN AGUON - has a long, successful musical pedigree. He’s been signed to MCA Records, Virgin Music & Triple X Records. Shared the stage with bands like Weezer, Helmet and Alice in Chains and recorded with legendary rock producers, Rick Parashar, Steve Gursky, Jimi "Haywire" Mayweather and Barry Conley to name a few. This Virginia boy taps deep into his early childhood violin and saxophone training to create the soulful guitar riffs and melodies that are the groundwork for the foot stomping rockers and sugary sweet ballads.

JOHN "Goose" GIES - has performed, written and recorded with a variety of original rock bands in the DC area. He has recorded 3 LP's and toured the East Coast extensively. Drawing on divergent influences ala The Beatles, The Grateful Dead, U2 and Radiohead, Goose provides a darker/edgier perspective to the melodically driven Gypsy Sons. His versatile bass playing style provides a unique nuance to the music, while his lead and backing vocals add a third dimension to the already stellar vocal arsenal that John Aguon and Eric King bring to the forefront.

ERIC KING - His first two CD's, "The Game" and "Shake These Blues," are still must haves for fans of his Rock and Blues influenced music up and down the East Coast as well as overseas in Europe. He performed regularly in the region with The Thin Line and even released a country record that still gets ear time among true country aficionados. Eric also has acting credits to his name, having appeared on HBO's "The Wire," FOX TV's "Americas Most Wanted” and most recently on the Discovery Channel's "Nightmare Next Door."

DAVE MAGUIRE - fell in love with percussion the first time he heard John Bonham, whose powerful playing made the hair on the back of his neck stand up. He’s played with many talented musicians in the NOVA area, including Vast Minority and Storm Season. A much sought-after studio drummer and owner of Crashbox Studios in Sterling, VA he credits his exposure to a variety of musical styles for the versatile percussionist that he has become. For Dave, it's all about the music and not how many triplets he can squeeze into a measure. It’s about dynamics and being true to the essence and soul of the song.