The Habit

The Habit


A raucous but respectful bunch of rather skilled musicians get together in a cabin on a Saturday night to celebrate.


“Heroic pop music…The Habit is the rare band that can make the link between pop, folk and classical music.”
- CBC Radio 1

“People around the world are acquiring a new Habit...Carefully-crafted, smooth pop-soul songs…the vocalists harmonize beautifully.”
- Chart Magazine

"Hot sounds, great lyrics, and that notorious It factor...The Habit throws a hip-shaker of a party with every show."
- Ottawa Citizen

In 2009, The Habit was named "a hero of Ottawa's indie universe" and "the Capital's premiere collective." Their 2009 album Safe House last album hit Top 10 campus radio charts across Canada. Their previous album was nominated for Best Album of 2008 by Ottawa Xpress. NOW Magazine chose their Toronto debut as one of the hottest gigs of 2008. Reviewers have called their music everything from "crowd-happy club pop" to "cocky folk-funk." Their music has become course material for at least one U.S. college. Now, The Habit is starting 2009 with their biggest adventure album yet.

The Habit released its third album, Safe House, in June 2009. Straddling the boundaries between folk, soul, blues and pop, Safe House finds The Habit in a very good place. The album was recorded live-off-the-floor to capture the exuberance and energy the band brings to its live shows. The Habit's three singers take turns on lead vocals, though the other two are always close by to blend in with ear-bending harmonies. Rhythms shift, and the violin and sax morph into sputtering horns or soaring string sections as required.

Safe House follows the Habit's first album, The Sacred and The Profane (TSTP). TSTP found a global audience, in part because of the song Fighter, which The Habit released in support of same-sex marriage. Fighter was picked up by blogs and newswires around the world, and within a week had been translated into Spanish, German, Flemish and Japanese. Beyond that buzz, TSTP became a college radio hit across Canada, hitting the Top Album charts from Kamloops to Saskatoon to Antigonish.


The Spanish Song

Written By: The Habit

Oooh told myself there was nothing I wouldn't do for you
Knew I would walk for eight hours straight for you
I would wait, come in late, flagellate myself for you
And now we're through

Just one thing I couldn't bring myself to do
I never thought that little hole would be big enough for you to crawl through
Just one thing I couldnt bring myself to say
Never thought that hole would let you get away

Oooh thought I knew all the words to say to make you stay
Like I love you, and don't worry babe you know you never have to worry about who's looking out
For you
But what could I say except get away when you had me partake in that crazy bullet voodoo
And now we're though

I wouldn't shoot
I couldn't shoot
I shoulda shot

Black Ice

Written By: The Habit

Put my coat on and buttoned up
Drove down your drive
I'd love to spend the afternoon but she'll back by five
I'm taking all the back roads
Cause people know my car
A little guilt's a heavy load
The trip home feels far

I can smell you and I can feel you
On my chest where you rest your chin
After the high-low before the pressure
Is that the seatbelt digging in

I feel the wind blow through the locked car door
It feels the frost is getting in
No one else knows where I should be though
I shouldn't have let this begin

I don't wanna know that the way is lost
I don't wanna find out if life is fair
I don't wanna think what it's gonna cost
I don't wanna go but I'm there

So many things I been warned about
Two-timing, black ice
Cigarettes and porn and scotch
I was free of any vice
Ooh but the pull of you so strong
You and your slippery slope
Thought we could keep it all in line
But there was no such hope

Tires squealing, free-wheeling. stuck in a tailspin
Pine trees flashing, got no traction, and I can't tell which gear I'm in
Then the wheels lock, snow hard as rock
Crunch of steel buckling
Then the car flips, belt against my hips, steering wheel's got me pinned

(Repeat chorus)


Written By: The Habit

Something crashing in my memory
Makes me wonder if I should be mad
Makes me wonder if I should go back
I must be crazy

Why must I recall all the times we fought
Must I recall all the things you're not
Bit when I see your face and smile
I come undone so easily

Creeping thru my thoughts it's devilry
Your promises I know deceiving me
Makes me wonder if I'm even free

Why must I recall all the times we fought
Must I recall all the things you're not
Bit when I see your face and smile
I come undone so tragically

Heard it all before
Heard it all before
Been done, previously


Safe House - full-length album - June 2009

The Sacred and The Profane - full-length debut album, released July 7, 2007 - national college radio Top 30 album.

Fighter - single released May 2006

The June Sessions - 6-song EP released in November 2004.

MP3s can be heard at and

Set List

Up to 2-hour set. We do mostly originals, and throw in a couple of covers. Typical songs:

High Life
Black Ice
What A Shame
Get Away
Believe Me
Let It Drop
Stoke It Up
Any Other Love
Peace Here
The Spanish Song
Hold It Open
For Obvious Reasons

And for covers:

Please Don't Stop the Music (Rihanna)
Emotions (Beegees)
Closer (NIN)
No Ordinary Love (Sade)