The Habit Continues

The Habit Continues


Theres definitely no 1 genre to file us under. We Beleive all music is good music and we tend to touch on a little bit of everything while still mantaining our own sound. We offer up the blues, rock, funk, reggae,jazz,jam band,folk,soul, and what may even be described as experimental.


The Habit Continues was born in September of 2008. It all starts with singer/songwriter Alex Thomure. . He was named winner of the 2008 Front Row Productions singer/songwriter competition. He is also a well acomplished accoustic performer in and around the Saint Louis area. In one persons opinion, the odds of the four of these people ending up together, seems a million to 1. Alex just happened to check himself into the same rehab as well acomplished guitarist, Josh Kohn. Now josh has allready been what most would call a "ROCK STAR" once in his life allready. Touring the U.S. with TrenchMouth- Stone Temple Pilots- and The Smashing Pumpkins, are just a few of his career highlights. For more information on Josh Kohn, just google his name. So just by chance the two of them got to talking and eventualy even began to colaborate on Alex's original music. Since the stay in rehab was voluntary they were back out on the streets practicing together and pursuing personal projects, in no time. After a short time and a show here and there the two decided to look for a rythym section. Alex allready had a bass player in mind, and that was Tom Young. Tom was only 19 and allready a graduate of the Victor Wooten School of Bass. He studied with some of the most influencial and succesful bass players of our time. So naturaly he fit the bill just fine. Alex also happened to be a regular at the open mic nite at Fletchers Pub in Crestwood Mall. Thats wear he found house drummer Matt Reyland. Matt had allready jammed with Alex on several occasions just for fun but Matt was allready in several other projects and wasnt available at first. But Alex was persistent and with the mention of the new bass player he was able to get Matt to come to one practice just to check it out. Within a matter of minutes Matt agreed to make The Habit Continues his top priority and the band was complete. After about 2 months of hard practice, the band played there first show at the Tin Can on morganford in the city of Saint Louis. The show was scheduled on the prime of mardi gras and was a total success. They were offered a regular monthly gig for the next 6 months and continued to pick up several similar offers from venues as far out as Matoon Illinois. The Habit Continues has never played a show and not been asked to come back and they are damn proud of it! The four are a slightly strange mix to see on stage thats for sure, but they pride themselves on how hard they strive to sound the same in and out of the studio. As well as being able to expand and jam whenever they feel the need. They also offer a variety of crowd pleasing covers for those who demand them. The list of cover artists varies from Ben Harper, Dave Matthews Band, Jason Mraz, Otis Redding, to Sublime, Ray Charles, Jimi Hendrix, Dispatch, and Jack Johnson. To label this band with any one particular genra based on these five songs along would be a crime. Your first extinct would say funky reggea but any order to appreciate the full effect you have to hear everything! Obviously they werent able to afford the entire album by them selves right away so you only get five songs right now. Unless you come out to a show and see it all live! The Habit Continues has a list of all upcoming shows as well as there extensive influences on MySpace as well as the EPK on Sonic Check these guys out- there music is for everyone!


The Habit Continues currently has one 5 song Ep streaming on This EP was recorded and mastered at SawHorse Studios in the city of Saint Louis.

Set List

Our typical set list consists of large number of orginals weeved in between certain covers and audience requests. We like to play for atleast an hour or more per set and playing extra time is definitely not a problem. The typical set list is as follows-