The Habitual

The Habitual


The Habitual is a high energy grunge/punk style of alternative rock. We mhave a variety of sounds to offer varying from an acustic set to the high intensity rock we are most popular for, to the swingin beat of Get Some, along with a variety of cover tunes to mix things up with!


The Habitual is an up and coming band from the soggy North West. They present a high energy Grunge-Punk sound that has been increasingly drawing crowds since 2007, when they began performing live. Since then, Troy Darnell (Vocals & Guitar), Holly Lodoen (Bass), Trevor Pannell (Percussion), and Cole Bartlett (Vocals & Guitar) have played many live shows in the Spokane & Coeur d’ Alene areas, as well as made a demo recording featuring all original material written by The Habitual.
The group has also been featured on local radio shows including an interview on KHTQ 94.5 “Local 94.5” broadcast and has preformed for charity events in the area. All the members, though from different parts of the U.S. landed in the same closenitt community in Idaho, where they grew to be great friends and eventually a dynamic band. The Habitual list Tool, Nirvana & The Casualties among vast other as inspirational groups that have carried them to make the music they love.


we have released 8 singels all schedualed to be on our first album. Bob The Chode, On the BBC, Revenge of the Acid Eaters, have all recieved airplay on khtq 94.5 fm and another "get some" was featured on kyrs 92.3 fm

Set List

The Habitual Set list


Bob the Chode 2:06
Get Some 3:17
On the BBC 2:32
The Communist Song 2:29
Gory 3:52
Revenge of the Acid Eaters 4:07
Jimied 3:07
Barter Town 3:34
A Mean Tea 3:45
Brass Tech 87 4:38
The Fix 2:36
I Was There 3:00
The Day the Emo Kid Died 2:34


Aneurysm by Nirvana 4:28
Song 2 by Blur 2:00
Prison Sex by Tool 4:54
The Beer by Kimya Dawson 3:12