The Haggardies

The Haggardies


If you had 45 minutes left in your life and you wanted the ultimate blend of reggae and punk together in one...then you'd put us on the stereo.


The Haggardies combine punk, rock, ska and reggae to create their self-dubbed "Mountain Punk" genre. Insane personalities, high energy levels and unique lyrics mixed with shared passions for snowboarding, skateboarding, pulling pranks, drinking beer and having fun are evident in every song. The Haggardies are on the rise with a West Coast tour under their belt and the unveiling of their full-length debut album. Once youre exposed to The Haggardies, there is no turning back.


The Haggardies - self titled EP
The Haggardies: LIVE - EP
The Haggardies: LIVE at Lannie's Cabaret - DVD
The Haggardies: So Good You'll Think You're Eating! - LP
"Wave" - Streaming Play, Ace Radio Live
"Nothing" - Streaming Play, Ace Radio Live
"Royal Lush" - Streaming Play, Ace Radio Live
"Wave" - Streaming Play, 10,000 Watts Radio

Set List

song list:
Wave, Wear You Out, Powder, Nothing, Trouble Jack, Truffle Shuffle, One Is Too Many, Royal Lush, Sk8ing Song, Haggardies, The One, Dickwad, Party, Pigseye, Delinquint

Covers include:
Fell In Love - White Stripes
Saw Red - Sublime
Hey Hey - The Descendents
Rawhide - The Dead Kennedy's
Mark on the Bus - Beastie Boys

We typically play around 13 songs in a 45 minute set list.