The Haiku Hillbillys

The Haiku Hillbillys


Funky Groovin' Poetic Folk ! ... can easily describe the band or the music ... we hope you like both. This Maui , Hawaii band spans the genres from bluegrass to reggae and rock to sensitive singer songwriter styles. There's something unique in this mixed bag for all open ears !


The Haiku Hillbillys have been Randall Rospond's main band for 10 years ... although this 7 piece version is the definitive group that has touched the Maui , Hawaii music scene with their sensitive acoustic side and their raucous and rocking LOUD side as well ... with 7 unique individuals coming together to play predominately original compositions ... geev' um a listen !


So Long Mr. Chaos

Written By: Randall Rospond

To be living out your days and finally see - that your visions all reflect the mood of who you've come to be - If you're feeling you've been cheated and this world is just a lie - look within, don't walk on by.
We're volunteers within the world of man - we're the reason we are stagnant, we're the reason that we can - take the road ahead and help the sun to shine within your eyes - within your mind, within your time.
So - So Long Mr. Chaos and
So Long Lady Blue and
So Long My Confusion
I'm Done With You


Randall Rospond, Tom Conway, Jimmy C and John Pollock have many varied band and solo recordings available ; just search their names ... but "Studio and Live 2008" showcases their collaboration with the rest of the talented hillbillys both live and in studio.

Set List

Their set list varies due to the venue and crowd.
Quiet introspective acoustic "floaters" intermingle with barroom dancehall rockers ...typical shows last between 3 and 4 hours including traditional bluegrass and folk mixed with originals both rocking and gentle