The Halcyon Tone

The Halcyon Tone


A vintage touch of quirkiness that fits right in and evokes a certain nostalgia when people hear it is what you're looking for, all hammered down with modern beats and production made to engage minds and drive your message directly to that source of all true decision making: the amygdala.


I grew up in the suburbs, influenced by both psychedelic rock and hip hop from a very young age. Then when Nirvana brought us into an age of copycats with goatees and terrible fashion, I caught on to indiepop and indierock, labels like Minty Fresh and 4ad, Pavement, Tullycraft and Built To Spill filled my playlists. All the while I kept an ear on the explosion of genres happening in the UK, reading Mixmag at nights in my cabin in northern Minnesota, wondering what the clubs featured in the photos sounded like, fantasizing about joining that club culture.

Then I moved to Tokyo, looking for the aftermath of the cultural movement of Shibuya-kei in the 1990's which spawned revolutionary cut & paste pop artists like Cornelius and Pizzicatto Five.

If there has been one constant in everything I do, it has been learning how to make every type of sound I love and then mimicing that, trying to recreate era's and moments in music that fascinate me. I still listen to music that spans all genres, and every song I make is evidence of a fascination with a particular sound. I don't mean to brag, but if it's good, I can make something just like it.

Except for dubstep, I just can't do that.


2001 - Dj Nutzoid - Cannot Operate Turntables

2003 - Casionova - Ocean View EP

2005 - Cassie - Me & U (Liquid Pegasus Remix)

2007 - Liquid Pegasus - Waves EP

2009 - Codebreaker - FIRE feat. Kathy Diamond (Liquid Pegasus Remix)

2011 - Auxon - Hon Ken (Liquid Pegasus Remix) - Shaddock

2013 - Liquid Pegasus EP (To be released on Shaddock)