the Halfsacks

the Halfsacks


Original Canadiana Roots Rock.

"The writing is straight at you, unpretentious. There’s no hidden message here folks. It’s just a toe-tappin’, knee-slappin’, drive-to-your-mother’s-howse-for-yer-favorite-dinner kinda ride. I’ll meetcha there." Niels Kunze, editor of The Free Radical


The Halfsacks started at a picnic table on Falcon Drive in Fairmont Hot Springs, BC, where Christopher Howse and Steve Laurendeau used to get together after work to sing songs. Joined soon enough by Chris' brother Jon, the Halfsacks came together to play the first annual Morfee Mountain Music Festival, with Ian Borenheim on bass. It was here that their music was defined as Canadiana Roots Rock. The line-up was completed with Peter Harding on drums and Scott Ivers on guitar. With Ian and Steve mostly showing up on the first 2 records, the four main guys are almost done their third.


CD - Take Me Drunk I'm Home (2008)
CD - This matter is now closed (2010)

Set List

Generally play 30 to 40 songs per show. All original, Canadiana Roots Rock can add a few covers if required.