The Handful

The Handful

 New York City, New York, USA

The pitch: "The Handful remind me of some great story telling bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Rolling Stones or The Who. Yes, this band is that good, period." (taken from an actual excerpt of review of The Handful's new CD, Second Hand Smoke, by Christopher J. Kelter at


80% ROCK, 20% ROLL, 100% PURE SWAGGER.

Formed in the 21st Century by New Jersey natives Mark Duda and Jason Mischel, The Handful, based in NYC and NJ, represents the best in what rock is supposed to be. The Handful's surprise debut CD, "Palmistry" (recommended by David Jeffries' review at All Music Guide to "overdrive...through some crusty, beer stained speakers") was released in July 2004 and immediately became Number 1 on's "Early Adopter Indie" and "Early Adopter All Music" charts, outselling The Beastie Boys, The Cure, The Hives and Alanis Morrisette for a period of weeks following the release date. In December 2004, no fewer than seven (7) songs from Palmistry charted on, which documented the top 2,500 downloaded and/or streamed songs available on the internet at that time.

In 2007, The Handful released its sophomore effort, Second Hand Smoke, to glowing reviews, including the following:

"The Handful has a handful of fourteen songs on this disc, yet the kicker is that there is not a single weak song in sight. Unbelievable! Gasp! What!!" - Anna Tergel,

"Interesting outfit that lazy journalists will have big trouble in categorising – you simply can't – they have their own unique ways of style." - Glenn Milligan, (8 out of 10 stars)

"The Handful are a completely original act...There are 14 tracks on album, and I can add that all of them are tight. I wouldn't reccommend one specific song over another, but from first to the last track, their album is a positive listening experience." (Barikada in Bosnia review)

"Not just a Handful, but a couple of fists full of molten lava, quick-cooled to a rock hard solid groove." - Michael Buffalo Smith,

"Fast and nasty with clear poetic lyrics that worked the music like a a pair of aces...I would recommend this cd to anyone that likes their rock gritty and dirty with a sound of it's own." (

and maybe the best of all:

"If you don't like these guys you don't Rock." (P. Grabowski,

After recording their first two CDs as a duo, The Handful officially released Wooden Indian as a full band in August 2011. Reviews included:

"Like a chariot storming the gates of Troy, this band digs in. When I first put this CD in my player and heard nothing but ambient noise I got prepared to be bored for the next several minutes. However, these guys had other plans because out of the murmur came the squeal of a guitar with some undeniably bluesy riffs and that lovely Hammond organ sound causing me to exclaim, “Yes!”

You know a band is doing something right when your foot picks up the groove under its own volition. Sometimes overindulgent soloing is just awesome. The solos on the first track aren’t the Malmsteen type, but they soar over the all the right parts you know that these guys are about to deliver an aural ass-kicking courtesy of rock ‘n’roll. Let me just harp on the keyboards for a little. I usually think the keyboardist/pianist/organist is completely pointless in a metal/hard rock band. What do they really do? Rhythm? No, bass and drums have that covered. Leads? That’s what the guitars and vocalist do. Fills? Anyone can do them. Solos? Sorry, but, keyboard solos are best left in the ‘70’s. However, thanks, Jason Mischel for actually being a tolerable organist. Mark Duda is awesome, I love his voice—it reminds me of Buzz Osborne from Melvins and Ben Ward of Orange Goblin. His voice is undeniably manly but not in an annoying Viking Metal way. It sounds like he gargles gasoline, eats asphalt and washes it all down with nails. It’s just that awesome. It’s always so great to review a good band from my native Jersey, one of the most fun things I’ve heard in a while. In A Word: Swaggering." - Dejon Turner, The Aquarian - 12/1/10

"Rockers from New Jersey who's vocalist, Mark Duda sounds like a bullfrog version of The Cult's Ian Astbury. H/L's include the opener 'Walk Into The Light' 'The Key' with its excellent chorus and instrumental section; 'Lines Are Down'; the Sabbathy like 'Your Loss Is Freedom'; the excellent ballad that is 'Ashes'; the slow but angstus 'Ain't No Way' with that submarine like ending sound and the closing 'Junkie' that weirdly reminds me of the theme from the film 'Grease'. They still mix in the best sounds of the North, Central and South of the USA. Excellent as ever. 10/10" - Glenn Milligan,, January 2011

"The Handful are back with a hard edged new release called Wooden Indian. The opening track, “Walk Into The Light” falls somewhere between the nastiest Molly Hatchet track and Metallica. It rocks, baby. To quote Spinal Tap, “This one goes to eleven.” Mark Duda is a powerhouse rock singer, and the band just kicks serious ass from start to finish. Say you love the sounds of Taylor Swift? Then you are at the wrong party, baby. The title track, “Wooden Indian


Rain (On My Parade)

Written By: Mark Duda

Fissures in the standing stone
Violations one by one
Jesus left me all alone
Ain't no way to get back home
What I need's an honest life
That doesn't stop at closing time
Gonna cage you like a rabid dog
Might beat you when you hem and haw
And I ain't gonna fall back on you
And I ain't gonna help you get through

Rain On My Parade
Rain On My Parade
Rain Rain Rain (Rain On)
Rain On My Parade
Rain On My Parade

What I need's another chance
Gonna shoot the ground and make you dance
One good shot is all we need
Straight to the top now guaranteed
And I ain't gonna stand by your side girl
So mama you can skip the free ride around the world


What I need's an honest life


Written By: Mark Duda

Disengage myself
From a bad situation
Extricate myself
From your senseless battles
Disbelievin' still
In your acts of treason
Disengage myself
From a bad situation

No need to drag it on
No need to drag it out

You weren't there on Sunday (x4)

Hey man you ain't been around
Why do you always let us down


Ain't no big face to face
Ain't no big let down easy


Blood Red

Written By: Mark Duda, Jason Mischel

Real prime mover
Queen of the flies
She drove a pickup
Cross the sidewalk
Through the front yard
To the kitchen where we dined
Stone cold killer
Way out of control
She lit a viceroy off the tailpipe
Blew a smoke ring
And said "this is how I roll"

Blood Red - Sunrise (x 2)
Sweet Angel of Mercy
Have pity on my soul
I ain't the man I should've been
When I came in this world
Up here the blue sky covers up
The shadows of the dawn
What will they say about me
When I am dead and gone
Lord how will I ever get by in this world of hate

Made time for makin time
With a platinum honeycomb
I drank a whiskey
On the turnpike
Copped her fine thing
And said "crawl back in your hole"


Lord how will I ever get by in this world of hate
How will I ever get by...

Dead To Me

Written By: Mark Duda, Jason Mischel

Impound yard
Fish in a barrel
Fox in the henhouse all night long
Life's so hard
And yours for the taking
Sweet love making
While I sing my song

Dead To Me (x2)
Ain't nobody on the boulevard
Ain't nobody on this dead end street

Lately I've been thinkin' about
All the double-talkin' treason comin' out of your mouth
You're pissin' in the wind 'cause you know
You can't compete

Sweet sunshine
Died on the vine
Yellow-bellied snake wanna spit moonshine
Late night lovers
Drenched in sin
Blow my cover
Then the game begins

Dead to me (x2)
Ain't nobody on the boulevard
Ain't nobody on this dead end street

Lately I've been racin' my mind
On what the hell you been thinkin'
'Bout yourself and your position
With respect to mine
Now you must've been drinkin' it straight
And that's fine with me
But I want you to know now

Lately I've been thinkin' about
All the double-talkin' treason comin' out of your mouth
You're pissin' in the wind 'cause you know
You never compete
And I want you to know now


August 2011: Wooden Indian
2007: Second Hand Smoke
2004 - Palmistry

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Set List

most recent 45 minute set list (capable of doing more):

Rain (On My Parade)
Walk Into The Light
Let Me Bleed
Blood Red
Feet To The Flame
Cut N Run
Holy Roller
Rolling Bones
Come Out and Play
The Last Turn